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August 2, 2014 (103rd Day)

We were up at 6 am. It was cloudy with a bit break in the sky and it was 64˚.   All so quiet at Naufrage, Prince Edward Island (PEI).  We left the area at 7 am and it was still cloudy.

Left on 309 from 16 to go to Dinwells Mills. 

You can see the fog over there
Potato Field 

We bought a bag of genuine PEI potatoes to taste and YES,  they were absolutely delicious!

We meandered the streets in Montague, PEI, saw some interesting things.  At the riverbank there were cormorant statues.

If we had not seen these in person, we would have thought these were real birds in the picture!
Tranquil Montague River
In the same town not far from the cormorant statues were several murals on the buildings.

Went to Georgetown Harbour to see two lighthouses. One is on a private property and we were able to get close to the second one.  Both of them were not listed in the brochure or lighthouse website, so we were not sure of the names.

We had seen some brightly colored houses the other day, but Edith did not think to take pictures until today.

Turned left to 347 to go see Panmure Head Lighthouse. It was built in 1853, is situated on the southwest part of Cardigan Bay. It is a wooden tower.  It is open for tours during summer months.  We met with Leona Creed, the tour guide, whose father was the last lighthouse keeper. She shared stories about growing up in this area.  We climbed up to the top and the steps were very steep. The view of Cardigan Bay was lovely.

The original Fresnel lens were changed to modern lighting
which is stronger and more effective and reliable.

This is the original Fresnel lens from this lighthouse.

A stone's throw from the lighthouse is a pen with Clysdales.  Edith walked up to the fence to get close-up shots of them.  

From there we took Route 17, turned left to go to Graham Harbor, so Edith can get pictures of fishing villages and boats on the land and water.

We went back to Route 17 from the harbor.  Next attraction to visit was Cape Bear lighthouse, but we got lost. We had to continue driving on 17A N to Sturgeon, turned around and headed back to the road leading to Murray River. The Cape Bear Lighthouse is open daily from mid-June to mid-September. The admission to go up to the tower was $2.50 CD.  The lighthouse is in need of major restoration. We hope that they will be able to raise enough money to fix up some.

We had decided that we were going to cross the river to Nova Scotia via ferry instead of crossing Confederation Bridge.  We looked at the map to decide the best route to go to Wood Island, PEI. We had to hurry a bit because we wanted to catch the 1 pm ferry out of PEI.

We arrived Woods Island ferry entrance at 12:49 pm, paid $74 CD instead of $93 that they told us it would cost originally, and the attendant said we may or may not be able to board the 1 pm ferry.  She told us to go on lane #6 and we were the only ones on it.  There were other vehicles on other lanes and they were called to the ferry.  The gate closed and we were the only one left standing in the waiting area.  No No No... The next ferry won't be until 2:45 pm.  We have an hour and 45 minutes to kill.  Edith decided to get out of the van to walk over to the lobster shack and was tempted to walk around to Woods Island Lighthouse, but she was afraid there may not be enough time.  The ferry center has free wifi, so we checked emails. 
Ferry Ship

We missed getting on this ferry :-(

Now it is 2:43 pm and no sign of the ferry coming back from Nova Scotia.  Edith started to get worried.  What we did not know was that there was an public announcement telling that the 2:45 ferry broke down and the next departure time will be at 6 pm.  Oh no!!!  Edith could have walked to Woods Island Lighthouse, but she was already irritated and cranky.  

Waiting..Waiting.. and Still Waiting...
Finally on the ferry!
Passing Wood Island Lighthouse on way to Nova Scotia
Anglers at end of the jetty

Between these 2 pictures there was a mishap to Edith's toe!  While on the ship, we decided to check out the map of Nova Scotia and went to a vacant table to spread the map. Erwin moved the heavy chair back from the table and apparently Edith moved her toes under the chair and it "crashed" onto her cute toes and changed the colors of it! See picture below!  The chairs were heavy to keep them from sliding around on the ship as it rocked in the seas.
Yay! We saw the land! 

That is the ferry that broke down :-(
We got off the ferry in Nova Scotia (NS) at 5:40 pm and made an exit to Lyons Brook, NS (Route 376) to look for campground. We checked at Birchwood Campground & Cottages , but it was full because of the concert going on in the town. However, the manager said we could park on the property at his house.  It did not have 30 amps that we need to run air conditioning, but we have an adapter.  At first, the manager charged us $30, but Erwin balked and reasoned with him and the manager relented and reduced the price.  Then he led us to his house that was like one or two driveways away from the office.  The house is being renovated and nobody lives in it during that time.There was another camper van parked behind the house and we were parked in front of the house.  At first, Erwin had a hard time getting electricity to work because the outlet had something around that prevented from the plug going in all the way.  He finally managed to get it done.

Hello Nova Scotia...Here we come... 

Using electric skillet set up outside Edith prepared pan roasted chicken smothered with huckleberry BBQ sauce and sautéed carrots.

The office has free wifi, but because we were parked so far away from it it was impossible to use it and Edith had to walk to the office.  She had a hard time walking due to her bruised toe.  Said it really hurts so bad.

Later on Erwin walked over and joined in and after seeing people getting ice cream from the shoppe we decided to get ourselves some.  Edith had caramel praline and Erwin went with creamscile.

We retired early because we were too stressed out from waiting long for the ferry and Edith's toe.  Before midnight Erwin woke Edith up and told her that his shoulder area was hurting, thought it might be a pulled muscle. Edith did not have a good night's sleep because of the throbbing pain in her toe. What a night it was for us!!!

Isn't this a lovely shade of purple?  Edith didn't think so!

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