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August 19, 2014 (120th Day) 4 MONTHS!!!

There was not a single cloud in sight.. 75 ˚

Because this is the last day of our 4 month journey we wanted to go out for breakfast.  It was 8:40 am (late start) when we got on Route 17 South.  We wanted to get into Charleston by 9, but we have not had breakfast.

There was IHOP not far from the campground.  Edith chose strawberries and cream crepes and Erwin got strawberry crepes combo with eggs, bacon and hash browns.  A very hearty breakfast.

While discussing over breakfast we suddenly realized that we were about 200 miles from home and felt so bummed about ending our 4 month journey. Even Erwin's meal was sad!

After breakfast we headed down to Sullivan's Island to check out the lighthouse. We took a stroll to the beach to see what it was like.  We also saw another lighthouse, but it was too far for Edith to take picture of.

We were worried about finding a metered parking spot in Charleston downtown because we got there past 10 am.  We were lucky to find one about 3 blocks from the market square.  Before we start our trek we stopped at welcome center to get information on important attractions we should see and to get a walking tour map.

We then walked to the market square, spent time looking around. It started to feel very humid and the market did not have air conditioning. We started sweating like pigs!

We checked the time and realized that almost two hours was up for the metered parking, so we left the market and walked back to the van.

Per recommendation from the welcome center we drove on Battery Street to look at vintage doors, knockers and locks.  It was still too hot to stroll around the neighborhood. Erwin dropped Edith off and she quickly walked around taking pictures.  The best time to enjoy this area is during late fall or early spring when it is not so hot.  We saw some pretty vintage houses.  It got hotter and hotter as the day dragged on. Although there were more attractions to visit in Charleston we said to each other "Let's get out of here before our clothes get all wet from the sweat".

Our number again!

There were like over hundred vendors selling woven baskets out of palm leaves. 

We wanted to see Angel Oak (live oak) in Johns Island, SC.  We read in the brochure that it is at least 400 years old and as much as 1,500 years old.  Hurricane Hugo, in 1989, caused some damages, but the tree has since recovered.

This tree is much larger than the Treaty Oak Tree in Jacksonville!

Rain clouds appeared, but it did not rain

On Route 17 there was one last Roadside Attraction to check out - Pink and Grey Elephants.

We were more than 2 hours away from home. Almost every time we are in Savannah we would stop at The Shellhouse Restaurant for their delicious seafood dishes.  Originally we were planning on eating at Southern Soul BBQ in St. Simon Island, GA, but it was out of the way.  Erwin had the special of the day - crispy scored flounder and Edith had petite low country boil.  Outstanding meals. We finished everything!

Two and half hours later we were HOME!  Were we happy to be back home?  No... We wanted to continue the journey, but we had responsibilities to take care of.

4 months worth of mail!

Our final thought on this journey: Would we do this again?  In a heartbeat although we would do some things differently.

1)   Would be to bring more underwear along so we would not have to launder so often or wear them twice.

2)  Would be taking it a bit slower and stopping every now and then to rest and recuperate/restore/recharge our internal batteries at an interesting location so we won't be bored staying there.  This would allow us to stay in better shape?
3)  Maybe stopping at friends and relatives places and do a bit more visiting and finding out about attractions from locals providing we don't wear out our welcome?

4)  Prepare meals with intent for more leftovers to make it easier for next day meals.

5)  Try to stretch our budget by doing more dry camping.

We want to thank Y'all for coming along with us on our EPIC journey, I must say I heard not one complaint from "backseat drivers"!  LOL  It was a pleasure to have you along with us.

Total Miles Driven: 15, 620
26 States visited
7 Canada provinces visited
60 Days Paid Camping
60 Days Free/Dry Camping

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