Monday, August 8, 2016

July 31, 2016 - Boise, ID

A cool morning! Finally!  There were lots of pedestrians and bikers on the Boise Greenbelt trail.  We wanted to go biking, but we were waiting to hear back from the campground office regarding the move to a different site.

While waiting Edith spent the morning editing pictures for July 29 blog while Erwin was outside chatting with motorcylists from Washington State.  

At 11 am we were told that we can move our Lil’ Home (LH) to site #17, so we closed up the slideouts, but before we can move we waited for Elaine to come by.  She wanted to watch how we set up our Lil Home.  

Elaine brought some foods for us to share.  After light lunch Elaine took us out for a ride to see Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve on McMillian Blvd in Boise, ID.  We did not take a walk around the lake, just came to see what it looked like. We plan on taking a hike later this week when the weather is not too hot and we go early in the morning.

Elaine took us to check Quinn Pond that is still being constructed. Part of it is open, but there are more that are fenced off.  Since it is Sunday and many people are not working the parking lot was already full. There were lots of stand up paddles. It looked like a nice place to bathe, swim and play.  We might go there this week.

Elaine dropped us off at RV Park, left.  We rested a bit, snacked some. We then went over to Elaine's place, chatted a while, made videophone call to Erwin's brother, Olin.

Videophone conversation with Olin and his wife Sandi

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