Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 2, 2016 - Boise, ID

We arose early this time, so we can go biking while it was cool outside.  While Erwin was putting air in bicycle tires a fellow camper from Scottsdale, AZ came over and told us that he saw us signing and wanted to tell us that his daughter in law and grandson were deaf.  We chatted a while before we went biking.

The Boise River Greenbelt is a recreational and transportation trail that is more than 25 miles long.  The Boise River Greenbelt follows its namesake river among towering trees, connecting downtown Boise with neighborhoods and the business district. The Greenbelt is alongside the Boise Riverside RV Park, so it was convenient for us to get our exercise.  There are bridges crossing Boise River.  We rode 3 1/2 miles one way, then went back making a total of 7 miles.  However, Erwin wanted to continue after Edith went back to the Lil’ Home.  He rode a total of 11 miles.  It had been over 3 months since we last rode our bicycles, so we hope we won’t be out of shape tomorrow.
Erwin putting air in the tires

Boise River
The bike trail

After getting showered and dressed we went out to visit Dry Creek Cemetery that is on W Hill Road Parkway, about 3 miles from the campground. Erwin’s sister, Elaine, posted a picture of an albino deer at that cemetery that someone took the other day.  Dry Creek Cemetery was established in 1856 and Edith was hoping to find some interesting headstones/tombstones.  The timing was not too good for Edith to take a walk among the graves because when we got inside the cemetery the sprinklers were ON!  Instead of walking Edith took pictures while still inside the Jeep.  There is a Veterans Cemetery in the back of the complex.  As we were going inside three military guys were marching and we suddenly knew there is a military funeral in process.  

Lost at Sea Abroad the SweetPea

One of Edith's favorite tombstones

Barnswallows basking in the sand
We shopped at Costco to check out Garmin GPS for Elaine as she wanted one for her car.  They did not have a good selection, so we decided to go to Best Buy. Costco was already putting out Halloween costumes! While at Costco we got gas for the Jeep and picked up some food items.  
Halloween Costumes being sold at Costco (too early for that!)
The Geek guy at Best Buy on Franklin St. was very helpful when we asked him questions about GPS.  He recommended Garmin with Lifetime Maps update and we went with Nuvi 57LM.  We hope that Elaine will be happy with our selection. While there Edith recommended that we get SanDisk wireless stick 64GB, so Erwin can transfer photos from his IPhone to the stick.

After getting back home we rested a bit before heading out again.  Elaine informed us that her two daughters, Cathy and Sheila, were just arriving from Washington State and asked us over for supper, which we did.

It was good to see Cathy and Sheila again.  We saw them last year when we traveled to Washington State.  Cathy’s two kids, Kaeli and Niko, came along, also.  Elaine prepared pot roast with vegetables, garlic bread and potato salad.  The night found us chatting our heads off.  Sheila wanted to take us to places in/near Boise, since she used to live here and is familiar with attractions.  We agreed to do that Friday when Elaine, Cathy and Niko leave for Nebraska. Kaeli will go back to Washington State Thursday night.

Edith started to get frustrated with Wifi at the campground.. It kept disconnecting while she was uploading pictures to the blog.  She could have gone to Starbucks where its Wifi is more consistent, but the store was already closed after 8 pm.

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