Friday, August 5, 2016

July 29, 2016 - Stanley, ID to Garden City, ID

We were up later than we wanted to, but we managed to get things put away before checking out of Valley Creek Lodge/RV Park in Stanley, ID.  Although there were no clouds in sight the morning was just beautiful and perfect for our trip to Boise, ID.

View of Sawtooth Range as seen from Valley Creek Lodge/RV Park
Before leaving Erwin made a call to Boise Riverfront RV Park in Boise, ID to reserve a site for one week stay.  Since it is a weekend we were not able to get a site with full hookups, but the office  puts us on a site with just electricity and water (no sewer) for 2 days. On Sunday the 31st we will then move to a site with full hookups.  We were okay with it.  We stayed at this RV Park last year and liked it very much. There is a 25 mile greenbelt biking trail next to the Park that can be used for walking/biking.

We left Stanley at 10 am, turned right onto Idaho 21 South (Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway).  Since there is some wildfires west of Lowman, ID the portion of Idaho 21 is closed to traffic and we detoured to Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway.  The roads were very twisty and windy with one sharp hairpin turn!  The shapes/faces of the mountains were forever changing from bald, desert, forest or a mixture of two or three.  There is a river or creek along the road and the water was green/blue with lots of rapids.

Turned left to Idaho 55 in Banks, ID  There were lots of rafts on Payette River at the intersection of ID 55 and ID .  33 miles to Boise from that intersection 

The mountains became smaller as we approached Eagle, ID, north of Boise.  When we were in Horseshoe Bend, ID the right lane was blocked off and we were instructed to move to the left lane by a flagman.  It turned out that there was a vehicle involved in an accident and it was upside down.  We hope it does not happen to any of you wherever you travel.

We arrived Boise Riverside RV Park at 1:10 pm.  They assigned us to site #2 (overflow parking) with just electricity and water.  We did not need water since the fresh water tank is already full.  Set-up was swift and easy. 

Both of us were in need of haircut!!!  Edith checked Great Clips app on her IPad to see if there was one close to here.  Yes, there was one not too far.  Off we went and we came out of the store feeling light and looking neat.  Erwin also got his beard trimmed for $5.

Before & After
Yes, Edith looked tired and worn out!

Before & After
Neatly trimmed beard

We visited Erwin’s older sister, Elaine for the rest of the afternoon.  While talking about Edith’s broken glasses Elaine suggested that she check out Walmart Vision.  

The clerk at Walmart Vision informed us that the eye doctor was not in and was not able to find new frame that might fit Edith's existing lens. She suggested us to check EyeMart Express.  EyeMart Express was hard to find and it took us a while to look for it.  

We were second in line when we walked in and signed the sign-in sheet.  It was not long before the assistant called us up.  After looking over Edith's broken glasses she went to the display, pulled out a drawer, took out two frames.  The first frame did not fit the lens. She tried the 2nd frame. Bingo! The lens fit perfectly in the frame.  Edith was happy because for one month she squinted when looking at the far distance.   The frame was only $69 plus tax.  It took less than 10 minutes!  

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