Friday, August 12, 2016

August 4, 2016 - Kuna, Garden City & Eagle, ID

We got up late at 9 am this morning, were hoping to be up early to go biking before meeting Elaine and her family at 10 am. So, we did not go biking after all.

Erwin went with Elaine and Sheila in Elaine’s car while Edith went with Cathy, Kaeli and Niko in Cathy’s car. We all went south to Kuna, ID to check out LuLaRoe clothing at Elaine’s friend’s house. LuLaRoe is a women and children’s clothing line.  It has taken U.S. by storm.  Leggings, pencil skirts, dresses and many more, but leggings are the hottest item. Edith bought a set of leggings.  

Kuna Water Tower

Cathy, Kaeli and Niko went to visit Cathy’s sister in law for the afternoon and the rest of us went back to Eagle. We stopped at Souper & Salad for lunch before heading home.  Super & Salad had a good buffet selection.  Six different kinds of soups and they had spaghetti and sauce, lots of salad items.  Reasonable priced for $7.99 (adult) and $7.29 (seniors).

Elaine & Sheila
Mother & Daughter
After getting back to Elaine’s place we stayed a while before heading back to the campground.  Both of us took a long nap.  Erwin had a hard time waking Edith up three times!  She was knocked out cold!  Her right shoulder was bothering her this morning, took Ibuprofen when she got back home.

We were not hungry for supper.  We went back to Elaine’s place, but missed Kaeli who was on way to the bus depot for a ride back to Oregon. 

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