Monday, August 22, 2016

August 8, 2016 - Garden City, ID to Boondocking Site in NV

We were up at 8 am. Even though we got most stuff put away there were still few that needed attention before we can leave the town.  

It was sunny and the sky was grey/light blue due to the smoke from Pioneer Fire. The temperature was 66˚.

After dumping we went by the propane station to have the propane tank filled up.  

Because Edith needed to return the shampooer that Elaine lent us, we did not hook up the Jeep to the Lil’ Home (LH).  We went separate ways after leaving Boise Riverside RV Park.  Edith went straight to Elaine’s place, met Sheila and left the shampooer with her. 

While Edith was at Elaine’s Erwin found a wide shoulder to pull over and waited for Edith to meet him.  Edith stopped at Wells Fargo to withdraw cash needed for our upcoming trip.

Edith followed the LH to Caldwell, ID where there is a truck/RV wash place.  The LH needed a good bath. There was already a truck inside the bay being washed/rinsed. After paying for wash/wax we waited for about half an hour before going inside the bay. $55 for wash/wax - cheaper than the first wash/wax in Cheyenne, WY. It took about 20 minutes to complete the wash/rinse job.  Before leaving the bay a wax rinse spray was applied.
The LH came out clean, but not as clean as it was in WY.  They missed some spots, but that was ok.  We just wanted the bug splatters removed from the front panel.
After hooking the Jeep to the LH we went by Flying J, not too far from the truck/RV wash place, to get diesel fill-up.  While waiting Erwin went inside the store to see if there were any winning numbers on his lottery tickets from last Saturday’s drawing.  No winning numbers :-(  He is going to buy tickets for this Wednesday’s drawing while in Nevada.

After leaving Flying J we turned left to get on I-84 South, then exited at #33 to Idaho 55 South. Then to Idaho 78..
We spotted a mule drawn conesta at Shell Gas Station in Grand View, ID. 178 miles left to Elko, NV.  We made a right turn to get on Idaho 51.

Interesting Cloud shape
Military Plane
We made it to Nevada State Line at 3 pm.  Now in Pacific Time zone.  We were driving on NV 225 (100 miles left to Elko).  Beautiful scenery, roads were twisty and rolling
Erwin decided he was not going to continue driving to Elko, liked the boondocking spot across the road from the run-down house and ruins.  He also said that this was going to be an ideal spot for stargazing and photoshooting of the Milky Way since there are no lights around here.
Wild Rabbit was resting on a windowsill

We boondocked at N 41.48251 W115.81580
 off Hwy 225, north of Elko

Erwin was right about this spot being excellent for star shooting! Thanks Dearie!

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