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August 9, 2016 - Boondocking Site to Elko, NV

Both of us had a great sleep through the night. We arose around 6:30 am and all was still quiet outside.  It was chilly at 58˚.  The sky was all blue and the view of the mountains was pleasing to our eyes.

After taking pictures outside of our Lil’ Home (LH) with the background and making coffee we left the boondocking site at 8:15 am. We continued traveling on NV 225 to go to Elko, NV. 

The last time Edith visited Elko was in 1973 and Erwin in 1964.
We arrived Elko, NV at 11 am, went to look for RV parking, found one at Gold Country RV Park that is behind the casino.  The nightly rate was $27 (after discount with Good Sam membership).  Because we arrived too early they were not able to let us park in the back until after 2 pm. They told us to park our Lil' Home on the side and to leave it there until after 2 pm. 
Temporary parking until after 2 pm
While waiting for an available RV space we went to Elko Visitor Center to get information on attractions.  
Visitor Center
Livery Stable next to the Visitor Center 
Erwin used to work in Carlin and Elko for 2 summers when he was 16 and 17. His duties were to drive a tractor and cut hay all day long on different fields of the ranch. The second summer was a bit better as he was making more money stacking hay bales on hay stacks till the one hay stack tumbled down and he was demoted to being a tractor driver again! He developed a fine physique from handling all the hay bales!

We stopped by Commercial Casino because that was where Erwin spent his weekends there when he was off from working at the ranch.  Back in 1973 Edith remembered there was a giant polar bear inside a glass case and wondered if it was still there!
We remembered this casino, but it looked different
from what it was in old days

Yes, it is still here, and in surprisingly good condition!
Polar Bear enclosed in a glass case 
Whoa! Look at these long, sharp nails!
There were some interesting murals in the town

After checking to see what the casino at Gold Country was like we stopped by Gold Dust West Casino just to see what it looked like inside.  Edith wanted to know if they have craps table, since Gold Country Casino did not have table games.  Yes, they do have craps table and the minimum bet was $3 for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Edith said she is going to play craps tomorrow and Erwin wants to play blackjack.
Erwin wanted to visit California Trail Interpretive Center, 8 miles west of Elko, NV (Exit #292 off I-80).  The Center is operated by the Bureau of Land Management and the admission is free.  This is the place where we can learn more about the trail the pioneers took to go West.  There are plenty of exhibits and there is a gift shop. We enjoyed our visit there.

The center is not too far from the site where the Donner's Party succumbed to lots of mishaps, lost their cattle, wagons, etc. 48 members out of 87 survived the journey. Check wiki for more information:

California Trail Interpretive Center 
There were exhibits outside as well. 
This is how the pioneers carried water from the wells or rivers.
It was getting past 2 pm and we hurriedly drove back to Elko to move our RV to the campground, but we made several quick stops along the way.
Beautiful ranch sign made of steel
Unusual shape of a barn
We moved our LH to the RV park, got site #9 for 2 nights.  It was not exactly a campground you would expect, but it will do while we were in town.
After supper we went out for a ride to find a place for the Milky Way photo op.  We went north on 225 for about 15 miles and found a dark spot, pulled into a parking area far from the traffic.

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