Friday, August 12, 2016

August 3, 2016 - Garden City, Boise & Eagle, ID

Oh, what a cool morning!  It felt great.. Perfect for biking… We biked for about 2 miles each way, could have continued further, but Erwin noticed the rear tire of his bicycle had bumps.  He did not want to continue, decided to turn around and go back to the RV park. If he wanted to continue biking the tire might break or cause a severe damage to the wheel or spokes and break and it is a long way to walk back to the campground.

Erwin went to the bike shop on State Street and the bike guy said he had never seen this type of damage before.  The tire was replaced and Erwin had inner tube with him.  

After Erwin got back from the bike shop we went out for a ride.  First stop was to check out Morris Hill Cemetery. However, we spotted Boise Camera store and Erwin quickly made a u-turn to go there.  Edith wanted him to keep going to the cemetery, but Erwin knew that Edith needed some stuff from the store.

Boise Camera store was nice, was well-stocked. The salesperson was very friendly, helped Edith find some filters she needed.  She got the tripod adapter, two pouches to store SD cards, lens cap for Canon 20-300mm lens, and few other little things.

Off to Morris Hill Cemetery on N Latah Street.  It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Boise area.  It was established in 1882.  It is a very nice resting spot, contains Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew plots.  Prominent officials were buried here: governors, pioneers, senators.  Not too many statues.

The Sleeping Cat

We went to St. John’s Cathedral at 775 N. 8th Street after checking for top attractions at  Well, all the doors were closed!  The best time to check the interiors is when there is a Mass service during weekends.  Edith might come by this Saturday or Sunday.

Appropriate! Praying Mantis on church window!

There were more attractions to visit, but we wanted to save some for when Erwin’s niece, Sheila, takes us this weekend.

For the first time since traveling full-time Edith made meatloaf. She was nervous about it because she did not know how it turns out in the convection oven.  The meatloaf was tender and moist, just the way we liked. Of course, there was some slices left, which will be perfect for sandwiches.  Pan-fried cauliflower and sliced carrots went with the meat.

After supper we went over to Elaine’s place. Elaine and Sheila were home, but Cathy, Kaeli and Niko were out. Kaeli went tubing with her friend at the river. Cathy, along with Niko, visited her mother in law, who lives near Boise.  We had coffee and dessert (we picked up strawberry rhubarb pie at Winco).   

Random pictures taken during our ride throughout Boise

Tootsie Roll is one of Edith's favorite candies.
She won't mind having one this size!!!
Notice how they fix it to look like an owl's face?
Interesting looking lamppost
Idaho State Capitol

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