Friday, August 5, 2016

July 30, 2016 - Garden City, Caldwell & Eagle, ID

It was already too warm when we got ready to drive to Elaine’s place for light breakfast.

We, along with Elaine, walked a few blocks to check out Farmer’s Market that is held each Saturday.  There were samples we had: protein ice cream (less sugar, more protein than Hagen Dazz), lavender honey, homemade bread with whipped butter.

Erwin & Elaine's dad's favorite flowers

Elaine with the shape of Idaho wood plaque
Erwin & his older sister, Elaine
On way back we stopped at Doug’s Burger Den for refreshments. Elaine got raspberry swirl ice cream and Erwin had vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream. Edith chose to have iced tea (it was really HOT outside, we tell ya).

Elaine signing "delicious" for her ice cream
We checked out some stores across the street.  We wanted to see if the bicycle shop has battery operated bicycles. Nope, they don’t.  We went inside Sweet Cookie store and see what chocolate covered bacon looked like.  Edith wanted to try one, but was afraid the chocolate would melt fast and cause a mess when it is hot. Elaine wanted us to go to the library to see if we were lucky to find a 4 leaf clover.  None and we were not so lucky!

Black eyed Susans

Elaine & Erwin looking for 4 leaf clovers
Elaine mentioned there was a carwash fundraising by deaf bowlers in Caldwell, ID (about 30 minutes away) and suggested that we take our Jeep to have it washed.  Remember we told you it was hot, well it registered at 101˚ and it dried up fast when they washed the Jeep.  However, they managed to get the Jeep cleaned.  We donated $ to help with their 2017 bowling event.

We had lunch at Sunrise Family Restaurant on Cleveland Ave, not too far from the carwash place.  Erwin and Elaine had liver and onions with two sides and Edith had roast beef dinner with two sides, also.  We were satisfied with the foods.

On way back to Elaine’s place Edith found some old barns to take pictures of.  We pulled into a recreation area where there were bathers jumping into and swimming in the river.  There was a horse with three girls in the river. 

The haunted place

Upside down tractor

Edith used Photoshop to create watercolor filter

After dropping Elaine off we went back to our home. Erwin did the laundry while Edith rested a bit.  

We visited with Elaine for a couple hours in the evening.  Erwin wanted to talk with his brother, Olin, via videophone, but there was no answer.  Olin did call back in about an hour, but we missed it and it was too late to call back since Olin lives on the east coast (2 hours difference).  It was nice spending quality time with Elaine.

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