Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 7, 2016 - Boise & Eagle, ID

Since it was our last day in Boise before we leave for Nevada tomorrow morning there were still few attractions that we wanted to see today, so we picked Sheila up to go with us.

One More Day
Edith, Sheila, Mikey and Erwin
Sheila and her son, Mikey
Edith checked Roadsideamerica app to see if there was anything interesting to see and take pictures of. She found two of them.  The first one was not too far from Boise Riverside RV Park.  After showing Sheila where they are she said she can lead us to them today.  

Marvin the Martian Rocket
It is on the roof of the Wagon Works 

Service Shop on Chinden Road
Before heading to World Center of Bird Prey Erwin wanted to get gas for the Jeep at Costco.  While there Edith decided to go in Costco to get two more memory cards for her cameras.

After parking the Jeep we started walking toward the Bird Prey building when a male volunteer came up to us and told us to hurry and follow him to another building without paying. There was a presentation of live birds in another building. They were presenting a Peregrine Falcon and a Western Screech owl.  

The Entrance to World Center for Birds of Prey

Peregrine Falcon

Not a great shot, but this is Bateleur Eagle
Its habitat is open woodlands and tree savannas in Africa
Beautiful bronze sculpture
We then walked among the property, saw condors. There were two of them.  The center was not very big, not much to see.

We went to Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center for a walk among the wildlife habitat. We spotted a deer eating bird seeds off a feeder.  Saw few ducks in the pond.  There were few underwater viewing areas to see trouts.  Inside the gift shop has a nice display of wildlife mounts. 

This is not a stuffed owl. It is live!
Mountain Ash Berries
This deer was caught feeding on bird seeds
From Nature Center we went back to Julia Davis Botanical Gardens again because we did not know about the statue called "Sit with Abraham Lincoln".  A large statue of Abe sitting on a bench that is right across the street from the garden when we were there two days ago.
This statue was built by sculptor Gotzun Borglum.
Gotzun was the one who created Mount Rushmore
Sheila, Edith & Erwin

We also checked out two more roadside attractions: 
Not too sure, but it looks like it is the world's largest ring
Not listed on Roadsideamerica
The Maytag Washer Woman dressed in Broncos attire
It is on the top of a sign for Mexican Restaurant

We were starting to get hungry by the time we headed back to Elaine's place.  Sheila recommended a good pizza place called Flying Pie Pizzeria on State Street.  We went by the state capitol on way out.
The dome of Idaho State Capitol
Our pizza
Sheila's pizza
Sign for Ladies' Restroom
Men's Restroom
Of course, we all could not finish our pizza and had them boxed to go.  We enjoyed our day and there are more places to visit, but we will save them for next time we come back to Boise.  Thank you, Sheila, for being a great guide and we enjoyed spending time with you.  See you in Washington ;-)

We spent the night getting things put away, discussing trip routes from Boise to Nevada.  

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