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August 6, 2016 - Boise, ID

It was indeed a lazy morning for us.  While Edith got dressed Erwin fixed the latch for the middle drawer in the kitchen. It wouldn't close properly because the screw was loose.  He did not have the right tool for a tight space, but managed to get the screw in. 

Before picking up Sheila Erwin stopped at Ace Hardware and bought screwdriver bit drive guide. Even though Erwin got the screw tightened he needed it just in case there is other loose screw that needs to be tightened.

Since the visibility around the area was better than yesterday Sheila suggested that we go to Table Rock first thing in the morning.

We drove on Hill Road to go to Table Rock.  Such a nice/quiet drive along the way.  Lots of bicyclists.  Then right turn to N. Harrison Blvd, pretty streets with median between roads then Hays St driving  through neighorhood areas.

Driving through pretty residential area on Hays St.
Edith spotted a truck with mural on the trailer and Time Flies mural on the side of a garage at 11th St and Hays St.

We got on Reserve road to Shaw Mountains Road. It is lined with beautiful and expensive homes. 

We went all the way to the end of the parking lot at Table Rock. As we were going up we were amazed to see how much damage the recent fire had done to the land. We cannot image how scared the residents were when they had no idea if the fire was coming to their area.  One home and one outbuilding were destroyed and 2,600 acres were burned.  The fire was caused by fireworks that were illegally shot off in the area on June 30, 2016.  The officials are still investigating into who started it. 

Charred land on the right side
Residential homes are in the back

Erwin & his niece, Sheila
View of Downtown Boise
Old Idaho Penitentary
Idaho State Capitol 

Interesting Murals on Electrical Boxes atop Table Rock 
See how close the black charred land was to the residential area,
One home and one outbuilding were destroyed.

The cross was saved and was not affected by the fire.

Sealed with a kiss on top of Table Rock

Coming down from Table Rock we decided to have lunch first before visiting Old Idaho Penitentiary.  Sheila had talked about how good the foods are at Cafe Zupas and there was one on N. Broadway.  House-made fresh from their kitchen, salads, sandwiches, soups.  Edith had a combo of Maui Tropical Chicken salad and creamy cauliflower soup. Erwin also had a combo of Cuban Pork sandwich and a bowl of clam chowder. Sheila had just the Maui Tropical Chicken salad.  We were very pleased with the meals we had.  The salad was SO fresh… Their “healthy” drinks had interesting flavors.  For dessert Edith got Rocky Road brownie and Erwin had Million Dollar bar.  Will we eat at Cafe Zupas again?  Yes, we will.....

Cream Cauliflower Soup & Maui Tropical Chicken Salad
Clam Chowder soup & Cuban Pork Sandwich
Rocky Road Brownie for Edith & Million Dollar Bar for Erwin 
After lunch we went to Idaho Old Penitentiary that opened its door in 1872 to imprison criminals.   The Penitentiary is open all year round and the admission fee is $6 for adults or $4 for seniors (60 and up).  Backpacks are not allowed on the property.  Even tripods are not permitted.  

Women's Ward

Inside the Warden's office

Can you imagine walking around with this 28 pound shackle
around your ankle all day long? 

View of Table Rock and the Cross as seen from
 inside the Old Idaho Penitentiary complex

Washing Machines
Vintage Water Fountain
Sheila, what did you do wrong to be imprisoned?

It would be neat if one could see the past occurrences
at the prison through this glasses.

In spite of the surroundings inside the Pentinterary
there were many beautiful flowers, such as this
Old Idaho Penitentiary was closed in 1973 after two riots over living conditions.  The inmates were moved to a modern penitentiary south of Boise. During its operation it received more than 13,000 inmates. Two hundred and 15 inmates were females.  The first female was imprisoned in 1887 and only seven women were incarcerated for next 17 years.  Two famous inmates were Harry Orchard, a miner who was convicted of assassinating former Governor Frank Steunenberg at the turn of 20th century, and Lyda Southward (“The Black Widow”), who was widely known for killing few of her husbands to collect life insurance.

We did not go on a narrative tour with a guide because there was no interpreter available, so we went on our own. We went inside some buildings (Solitary Confinement, cell blocks, and the Gallows) and there were few buildings that are sealed off.

Having fun with props

J. Curtis Earl Memorial Exhibit of Arms and Armament is a special exhibition inside the Old Idaho Penitentiary.  J. Curtis Earl built a very successful career around his passion for antique weapons.  He was 7 years old when he found his first arrowhead.  He pursued a career in wildlife management and devoted his time to collect historic weapons.  

We were not able to find the cemetery that buried prisoners who died while in prison. Edith asked for directions before leaving Idaho Old Penitentiary, but when we got to the place the lady claimed that the cemetery was not there and did not even know where it was.  

On way back to Eagle, ID Erwin saw that St. John’s Cathedral doors were open and made a stop so we al can take a peek inside the church.  We stopped there few days, but the doors were locked.  It was very beautiful inside the church with stained glasses and rose window.. We sat down, mediated while admiring the interior.  We left before the 5 pm Mass started.

Edith wanted to check out Pioneer Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in continuous use on the west end of Warm Springs Ave.  Many notable people were buried there.  While Edith was meandering about she noticed an osprey on the top of a tree checking her out.   Because of the heat Edith was not able to check out the half of the cemetery.

"Hey, Edith.. What are you doing here?"
Boise Bike Bar
Patrons can drink alcoholic beverages while pedaling.
The lady in front is the one guiding the bike bar
We dropped Sheila off at her mom’s place, thanked her for guiding us today.  After getting back “home” we rested and napped.  

We did not go off for rest of the night.  

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