Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 3, 2016 - Sebastian, FL to Jacksonville, FL

A very gloomy and windy morning. And it was COLD at 52˚. Last day of camping for us at Sebastian Inlet State Park.  We will definitely come back here another time.  Erwin has two medical appointments tomorrow and we need to take our Lil’ Home to Camping World on Tuesday for general maintenance check-up. Erwin helped a fellow camper from Quebec on sights to visit in Florida.

Erwin sharing travel tips with our next door camper

We were planning on visiting Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Titusville, FL on way back home, but decided not to because of the weather. Edith read reports that there is a lot of shore birds that are migrating to the refuge, making it ideal for photography.

We decided to stay on I-95 after we left Melbourne Beach, FL instead of staying on A1A because of the weather.  If it was much nicer we would love driving alongside the ocean.   

Sebastain Inlet Bridge
Atlantic Ocean
Shark Mural 
Edith texted our good friend, Michael Stultz, a deaf photographer, to see if it was possible for us to meet him and his lovely wife Jessica for a chat at Starbucks in St. Augustine later in the afternoon.  Michael replied back and said he and Jessica could meet us. We were hoping to be in St Augustine around 2 pm, but we were hungry and pulled into a rest area near Mims, FL to fix lunch.

Fellow traveler stopping in rest area alongside us
to feed and water her horses
We did not get to St. Augustine ’til almost 3 pm.  We were able to find a parking space large enough for our Lil’ Home.  Michael and Jessica were already inside Starbucks when we walked in.  It was good to see them again and we chatted for almost two hours. Of course, Edith and Michael got a chance to talk about photography.  Check out Michael’s website: and you can view his awesome photo gallery. When we were ready to leave we invited them to come take a look inside our LH.  They were surprised to see how big the LH is.

Edith, Erwin, Jessica and Michael at Starbucks
It stopped raining when we left St. Augustine, which was a good thing because it started to get dark around 5 pm.    

The garage light was on when we arrived back at our house. Our neighbor informed us that it had been left on for a long while.  Apparently, the realtor left it on when he/she had people look at the house.  

We rested after supper.  We were really tired. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, so we need all the rest we can get.  

Let’s hope the weather gets better tomorrow.

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