Friday, January 29, 2016

January 1, 2016 - Vero Beach and Sebastian, FL

Happy New Year 2016... Hope y'all have a wonderful and prosperous year.  We look forward to visiting new places we have not traveled to and spending time in the Rockies and Pacific Northwest this summer. 

It was a lovely morning and we decided to go out for a ride somewhere.  Stayed on A1A most of the way going north, saw many interesting mailboxes along the way.  It was not easy to find a place to pull over for Edith to get out and take pictures, but we managed to snap some of them.

We shopped at Publix to pick up few items. Inside the store it sells beach stuff, such as boogie boards, flip flops, beach umbrellas and chairs. You won’t find them up in the North.

We headed south back to the campground, but we detoured to Honest John’s Fish Camp.  It is a wildlife refuge, but there was not much to see except for roosters, hens and ducks. There is a small fishing store. Lots of coconut trees.  We walked around while enjoying the view of the river, trees and the old buildings.  There is a kayak launch area and two docks for boats.  A guy came with the food for ducks, but he also brought a steak bone for the dog who happily took it and went elsewhere to chew on it. There was one beautiful colorful rooster, but it was not very friendly. It kept running away from Edith when she got close to take pictures.  With patience Edith finally got few good pictures.  It was cute to see three ducks playing “Follow the leader”.

We decided to continue past the campground to go to Vero Beach, about 15 miles south of Sebastian Inlet to stroll around the town.  We checked out some stores, went to the beach, watched the beachgoers.  

Back at the campground and Edith went to the far end of the park for sunset photo op.  It was a lovely sunset even though there were too much clouds.

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