Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 17, 2015 - Orlando, FL

Another lazy morning for us.  Well, it was overcast, so that made us move slow this morning .

Edith spent the morning checking emails, catching up on travel notes, checking Facebook while Erwin read a book.

It was around 11 am when Erwin gave hint to Edith that he was ready to go out.  We decided we wanted to go to IKEA to see if they have something we could get for our Lil’ Home.  We have always liked that store, even though their Swedish style is not to our liking. Their lingonberry jam is delicious and we needed to get two jars of it.

At IKEA we went straight to the cafeteria to have lunch.  The rates for their entrees are so reasonable. Edith had chicken cobb salad and Erwin chose chicken tenders with french fries.  

They had dessert display first before you get your entree. Very clever!
We spent time looking at storage bins that Edith could use to store root vegetables in the kitchen, but she did not see what she liked. We found comforter for our queen sized bed.  The one we bought at a garage sale in Montana last summer is king sized and is bit heavy.  When we get back to Montana we will give it to Keri and Dustin.  Of course, Erwin picked up two jars of lingonberry jams.

We still had a couple of hours to kill before we go back to the resort, so we swung by Florida Mall on S. Orange Blossom Trail. It is a huge mall and the parking lot was almost full!  We had to go around to the back to find a spot near Sears.  There are over 250 stores and it was very clean inside the mall.  We have been to many malls in the past, but have never seen a LOT of people and it was crowded almost like sardines in a can. There were so many kiosks that sell watches, perfumes, hair extensions, hoverboards (there have been reports that they can catch on fire).  Edith wanted to check out Crayola Experience that is next to Dick’s Sports.  It is a new addition that opened up last summer.  

This Apple Store is bigger than the one in Jacksonville, FL
Make-up Kiosk
One of many inside the mall

Our feet and hips started to feel achy due to walking on hard surface for several hours (including IKEA) that we decided it was time to go home.  We did not check out the food court where there is Carlo’s Bake Shop that was open on December 5th.  Buddy Valastro, the star of Cake Boss show, welcomed 2,500 visitors after he and his family cut the ribbon on the opening day. We will visit the mall again when we come back to Orlando, but when?

Both of us were exhausted after we got back to the resort, but before we kicked off shoes we stopped by to check our LH to be sure all is okay.  It was!

After supper Edith was busy transferring pictures from the memory card to the hard drive while Erwin watched TV. Not exactly a restful night for Edith.  

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