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December 22, 2015 - Orlando, FL to Sebring, FL

The checkout time is 10 am, and we were up at 8 am.  We had 2 hours to clear things out of the unit, but we finished at 9 am. Erwin took the Lil’ Home to Shell gas station to get fill-up using Fuel Perks Reward (20 cents off per gallon). While Erwin was away Edith went to the front desk to turn in the room key cards.  She then went back to where the LH was to wait for Erwin to come back from the gas station so we could hook up the Jeep to be towed.

We left Grand Beach Resort at 9:45 am, got on I-4 going West, then exited to Route 27 South to Sebring, FL.  The drive was very pleasant all the way. We did not make any stops.

We arrived at Highlands Hammock State Park around 11:45 am, checked in with the ranger to pick up pass for campground.  We got site #88 for 4 nights, but hope to be able to stay much longer if any sites are available after December 26.  The ranger advised us to check in again on either December 25 or December 26 to see if there is any available site for us to stay at for few more days.

The site #88 is nice, pretty much level. It has a fire pit and a picnic table.  Lots of pine trees around (we don’t care much for them because they drip sticky saps).  After leveling the LH Edith opened the driver’s side slide out, no problem. Then when she was ready to get the passenger’s slide out open it opened about 5” then stopped. After few tries of trying to get it extracted and retraced nothing happened.  Oh, we don’t need it, but that is to be expected with motorhomes.  Edith tried to find information on Google, but did not see answers! We called an RV repair shop and they sent someone out and he arrived in 20 mins, Great, checked everything and found that the motor controller that controls the slide out motor is bad. He switched wires from another slide out and got it to open and close.  We decided to close it and wait till we get back home to replace the defective part!  It will be a simple job of removing 4 screws and putting the new one in, then plugging the wires back in!  However it is a pain in the butt to have to go thru this when you are on vacation! 

Motor Controller that went bad

Yes, we were frustrated and upset, but we cannot let it ruin our vacation.  After getting things set up Edith started supper immediately because she was anxious to go to Sebring Park to get pictures of the sunset over Lake Jackson.

The clouds started to build up fast while she was on way to the park. By the time she got there it started to drizzle a bit and Edith hurriedly ran to the dock for shelter.  She then realized that there will be no pretty sunset, but went ahead and took pictures.

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