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December 29, 2015 - Sebastian & Vero Beach, FL

We have been so so lucky with beautiful weather since the beginning of our trip this month.  We had one afternoon of hard rain and that was it.  

Rachel and Darlene, next door campers from Virginia, had originally planned on camping here for 2 nights, but decided to check out today.  They have two dogs that have been staying at a kennel and the kennel does not open on New Year’s Day, so they needed to get back the day before New Year to pick up the dogs. Also, Darlene’s kids wanted her and Rachel to have New Year’s dinner with them.  We talked for a good bit, took pictures and bid them good-bye. 

Darlene and Rachel
We had agreed to meet Deborah Penrose and Sara Winchester for lunch at Cravings in Vero Beach. It is a local dining place that has been there for over 30 years.  They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, also sweets and ice cream.  There are outdoor tables under the awnings.  After Deborah and Sara arrived we chatted for a while before we ordered our meals.  Edith had Summer Delight salad and Erwin had Cuban Panini.  Edith could not finish her salad, so she saved it in a plastic container to go. 

Edith gasped when she found out she left SD memory card in the laptop so she was not able to take any pictures today.  Solution? She used Erwin's IPhone to take pictures.  Problem solved, but not quite.  Not quite, why? No zoom lens...

After lunch Deborah suggested that we go to Environmental Learning Center to go for a walk among the mangroves.  It is on the left side of Route 510 Bridge going west.  The place was not crowded when we went inside the building.  Deborah wanted to go on a pontoon tour to Pelican Island. The fee is $30 but it is a narrative tour.  We tried to explain to the executive director to have the fee reduced or waived for deaf guests.  "Not very possible because we depend on funds to sustain the environment center", the lady explained.  However, she said she could cut the fee by 25%.  We were on a tight budget at that time and decided not to go.  Deborah and Sara chose to go another time, also.  

We went to another building where there is a small aquarium to allow guests to touch and feel sea creatures, such as flounder, hermit crabs, sting rays, etc. The baby flounder was so tiny that it fit perfectly in the palm of Edith's hand.

Baby Flounder

Baby Horseshoe Crab
We went on the boardwalk that is alongside among through and in between the mangroves.  We just learned something new about mangroves. Deborah, being a science teacher, explained that there are three types of mangroves: Black, red and white.  Each has a purpose.  Saw lots of orb weaver spiders. The walk was very nice and relaxing. What made it even nicer was the perfect weather and good company for our outing.  We really enjoyed spending time with Deborah and Sara.
Photo credit: Debroah Penrose 
Sara and Erwin
Photo credit: Deborah Penrose

Photo credit: Deborah Penrose
Sara and Deborah
Photo credit: Debroah Penrose

Route 510 Bridge over the Indian River lagoon
Photo credit: Deborah Penrose

Deborah getting up after taking pictures of plants
Debbi, Sara, Erwin & Edith
Photo credit: Deborah Penrose
After bidding Deborah and Sara good-bye we went back to the campground to rest, fix supper and then went to the far end of the state park to watch the sunset.

Deborah, we want to thank you for letting us use some of your pictures for our blog.  We had fun with you and Sara and hope we get together again sometimes later. 

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