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December 24, 2015 - Frostproof & Sebring, FL

It was just a perfect morning when we stepped out for a day trip to visit Frostproof, FL.  

On way to Frostproof we stopped to check out several 55+ RV resorts. There was one resort we liked, but the fee for one month stay is little too high for us.  The other resort was not well-maintained and the spaces were little too tight.  On our way out of one RV resort there were few Sandhill Cranes walking across the road and onto the grass.  We don’t see them in Jacksonville, FL. They are mostly seen south of Gainesville, FL and further south. 

Edith did not plan on visiting any cemetery today, but when she saw the sign pointing to Silver Hill Cemetery she told Erwin she wanted to check it out.  A mixture of modern and historic tombstones, but there were few beautiful statues.

If you can view this picture up close you
will see there is an anole on the wing
We drove through the town of Frostproof. It is a small town (appropriately named for a southern town). Downtown was very small and many were closed (holiday or permanently closed). There was not much to see/do, but there was this auto restoration shop that had few vintage/antique cars on display. They specialized in restoring old automobiles. Some were displayed outside and some inside.  There were more antique autos being worked on inside the back of the shop  We went inside to look at some cars.  Some of them are available for purchase. 

Reproduction of 1900 Gad-about Covered Wagon
On way back to the campground we made a quick stop at Walmart
 to pick up filing cabinet that Edith needs for organizing paperwork.  She had been so disorganized with bills coming in because there was not a place inside the Lil’ Home that she can use to store documents and bills.  Walmart has one that Edith wanted. The store was packed with the last minute Christmas shoppers. ALL cashier lanes were open (very unusual).  Many carts were overflowed with gifts.  A lot of kids will be very happy tomorrow morning.

Late in the night we drove to Sebring's historic downtown to walk around the illuminated lights and to visit Santa Claus.  It was very beautiful all around and we spent about an hour there.

A Star is Born

On way back to the campground Edith reminded Erwin that we forgot to get a bag of charcoal that we need for campfire, so we pulled into Winn Dixie.

More RVs are set up when we arrived back to the campground.  Now it is not so quiet, not until after Christmas. People from New Jersey are camping next to us. 

After working on the puzzle for a bit we sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Not too hot, not too windy, not too humid.. Just right for our relaxation.

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