Sunday, January 24, 2016

December 30, 2015 - Sebastain, FL

Dark grey clouds were all around. Then it rained briefly while we were working on a new puzzle.  

Edith was not feeling too enthusiastic to go off somewhere, decided to stay at the state park. She just wanted to be lazy, take a walk around the park, take pictures at the inlet.  

After the rain it started to get muggy. Erwin went out for a bike ride around the state park while Edith was at the bank watching and taking pictures of shore birds.  She was thrilled to see red-breasted mergansers. There were two of them.  They stayed around for a long while allowing Edith to take pictures.  They are very skittish when they see people getting so close to them and they will swim further from the bank.  There were two Magnificent Frigatebirds in flight, a first time for Edith. 

Juvenile and Adult Pelicans

Wood Stork and Great Egret

Ruddy Turnstone

Double-breasted Comorant 
Magnificent Frigatebird
Green Turtle
Sebastain Inlet Bridge (A1A)
Red-breasted Mergansers

Blue Heron 
Pelicans in flight 
Snowy Egret

Late in the afternoon Edith decided to drive to the far end of the park for sunset photo op. There were several anglers fishing in the water.  It is hard for northerns to imagine that the water is still warm here during the winter months.  

After supper we went out for a short walk to the dock.  After we came back we worked on the puzzle for a couple hours.  We did not think we could finish the puzzle before we check out on January 3, 2016 because it was really tough to find matching pieces.

Tomorrow is the last day for 2015.  We are so grateful to be alive and well to enjoy what we did during this year and look forward to doing more for the new coming year.

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