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December 20, 2015 - Winter Park & Orlando, FL

We were SO lazy this morning.  People think being lazy is not good, but actually it is a good thing once in a while. It allows one to rewind, take little bit of extra time to think.

It was around 11 am when we felt ready to head out of the room and go for a drive.  First, we made ham sandwiches to take along because we wanted to stretch our budget by not eating out.  

We decided to drive on International Drive just to see what is on that street.  First stop was to check out World of Chocolate Museum & Cafe.  The admission fee for museum is $16.95 for adults and $12.95 for kids.  We decided not to go in the museum.  Another time, perhaps.  The store had all kinds of chocolate bars from different countries.  They even sell cocoa pods for $20 each.  The chocolate candies were too beautiful to eat. $1.98 each 1” square piece of candy.  

We checked out Orange County Convention Center. Although it was closed we drove by so Edith can get pictures of the building. As we were getting ready to leave, we spotted a Metlife blimp flying above the convention center.

We found a parking spot near Miller’s Ale Restaurant, walked to check out Wonderworks, walked around Pointe Plaza (most stores were closed). 

There is a parking garage near Orlando Eye (the newest attraction) and we parked at the top to get a better view of the city and the ferris wheel.  The ferris wheel is 400’ tall and has 30 air-conditioned passenger capsules. Each capsule can hold up to 15 passengers. Admission for just the ferris wheel is $25 or $20 online.  There are two other attractions (Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Sea Life) within the premises and there is a discount if you buy one or two more attractions along with the Eye.  

Erwin hiding behind Tom Hanks 

Edith was advised by one of Facebook members to check out Mead Gardens for birds and ducks.  The parking lot was already full when we arrived, but as soon as Edith started to leave a car pulled out, so we were lucky.  There was a wedding going on at the Butterfly Garden area, so this explained why the parking lot was full.

Here comes the bride
The sky started to darken a bit, but we continued hiking to the pond.  Two guys were fishing at the pond (not a good idea for photographing birds and ducks, Edith told herself).  Well, there was one White Egret that stood not too far from a mother and her two boys who were fishing, also.  One of the boys caught a fish, but the mother did not know what to do, would not even try to get the fish off the hook.  Erwin came over to help out, asked the boys if they should give the fish to the egret. The mother said “No, throw it back”.  Erwin explained to the boys that the fish is too big for the egret, so he threw it back in the pond.

A couple cuddling together even though it was drizzling
As we were starting to cross the bridge over the pond it started to rain, so we turned around to go back to the car.  On way back there was a photographer taking pictures of a couple.  Looked like an engagement photography.  Few yards further is a couple taking a nap on a blanket.

Engaged Couple 
Erwin missed the action!

It was around 4:30 pm when we decided to go to Harry P. Leu Gardens even though it closes at 5 pm. We wanted to see what it is like.  It looks very lovely, bigger than Mead Gardens.

It was almost sunset and Edith wanted to go to the parking garage at Orlando Eye, go to the top level to take pictures.  As soon as we got there the sky quickly turned grey and the sun was behind the thick clouds. Not too good, so we continued on way back to the resort.  We may try it tomorrow evening.

We had “breakfast” for supper. So easy and quick to prepare and it was filling.

Edith got on FaceTime with Keri and they chatted for a long while. Edith also sent Glide messages to few friends letting them know she and Erwin are okay.

Random pictures:

Elephant Skull

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