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December 25, 2015 - Sebring, FL

Merry Christmas!  Hope y’all had a nice holiday time with family and friends.  We were so blessed to be so alive and well to enjoy another day of good times.

Edith managed to be up around 4 am, checked the clock, then checked outside to see what it was like before deciding if she should go to Sebring Park to get pictures of the moonset and sunrise.  Oh, it was very foggy and dewy.  She pondered for a while if she should go or stay. She decided to take a gamble and off she went to the park

Still foggy at the park, but it slowly cleared up a bit.  Edith was able to get pictures of the moonset.  Then at 6:11 am the moon was 100% full and it will appear again this evening. The last time a full moon occurred on Christmas Day was in 1977 and it won't happen again until 2034.

100% Full Moon at 6:11 A.M.
There were two anglers fishing at the dock when it was still dark in the morning.  Then came the sunrise, but it was too foggy and the sun was still behind the clouds.

Edith decided to drive around the town even though it was still foggy.  The town was very quiet.  On her way back to Highlands Hammock State Park few deer were crossing the road.  One of them took its sweet time walking slowly across.  That was a good opportunity for Edith to snap pictures.

Erwin fixed french toast and Canadian bacon for breakfast.  We sat and relaxed a bit, talked with fellow campers.  Then we went biking on the 3 mile bike trail loop.  We were able to see the old eagle nest in the tree, but it was too far to get pictures of.  According to the ranger the nest has been taken over by great horned owls.  We were hoping to see a black bear, raccoons or panther, but nothing.

The rest of the late afternoon found us lounging outside ad enjoying the sun’s warmth.  Edith prepared sweet peppers stuffed with garlic and herb cheese spread grilled for our appetizer. This has become one of our favorite appetizers.

Edith decided not to go back to the park for sunset photography. She was too relaxed that she did not feel like going out.  It turned out the sunset was gorgeous. Oh well!  There is always another time...

We thought we were not going to be able to finish this puzzle before we check out tomorrow morning, but we did tonight, after some frenzied effort for the evening.  

It was a very quiet, relaxing Christmas Day for us. We thought about our loved ones elsewhere and hoped they had a beautiful and enjoyable day.  Hope you did, too ;-)

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