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December 28, 2015 - Okeechobee, FL to Sebastain, FL

It was nice to step out of the Lil' Home (LH) to see the sky so blue. The weather was very pleasant.  The RV next to us was already gone, is heading down to Key Largo for a 2 month stay, they told Erwin.  The other RV was getting ready to leave.  We won’t mind camping at Villa Margaret again.

We decided to use FL-70 to go to I-95.  It is a two way lane, but there is road construction going on and they are going to add two more lanes.  

After getting off the exit from I-95 we checked into Sunshine Encore RV Park, but the daily rate was $53. Too much for our budget.  We try to stay under $30 for a night.  Our two friends, Sara and Debbie, are camping there and we planned to ask them to get together when we are in town. We asked the lady if she knew of any other campgrounds that might be good for us. She gave us two names and Erwin was going to call one of them.  “Let’s call Sebastian Inlet State Park and see if they have vacancy”, Erwin suggested.  Edith did not think there is any, but Erwin went ahead and called the state park.  

The ranger at Sebastian Inlet State Park said there are two available spots, but this is on a first come first served basis.  We checked the GPS and it is 18 miles from Sunshine RV Park, so we hurriedly drove over there.  We were worried that there might be other campers who might come in to reserve before we did.  After parking the LH at Sebastian Inlet State Park we walked in the registration station.  Two spots WERE still available, much to our relief.  As soon as Edith handed in her credit card to reserve site #50 a camper van pulled in and Erwin heard the ranger telling the campers that there is one spot left for them.

Two ladies from Virginia walked in the station when we were getting ready to leave.  “You deaf”, one lady asked us.  She, deaf herself, was so excited to finally meet deaf campers.  The other lady was hearing, but signed fluently.  They got site #51, next to us.  Small world!

The campground host was concerned about the hanging branches that might interfere with the slideout. He brought a brush cutter and let Erwin clip off few of them. The site was well maintained. The fire ring was too close to the back end of the LH.  Good shaded area.  

Few minutes later the ladies from Virginia riding in 2005 Roadtrek 190 checked in their site.  After they were done setting it up we introduced ourselves.  Small World!  Edith knew Rachel when they were students at Gallaudet.  The last time she saw Rachel was after she graduated from Gallaudet in 1969.  Rachel was a teacher at Virginia Deaf School in Staunton, VA and is now retired.  Her partner Darlene still works at Virginia Deaf School and has 4 more years to go before she is eligible for retirement. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing while enjoying the fresh air.  Later on Edith walked over to the fishing dock to take pictures of the birds, the landscape, the sky.  Few anglers had luck in catching fish.  We look forward to fishing sometimes this week.  We need to go to bait & tackle store to get live shrimp.

Edith and Erwin spent time watching the sunset.  Not the best one, but it was just nice to be out.  Few boats were still out on the water. A small pod of dolphins were seen on the other side of the inlet.  

After texting back and forth with Sara and Debbie it was agreed that we meet for lunch at Cravings on A1A in Vero Beach tomorrow. We look forward to seeing them again and exchanging camping stories.

Edith wanted to get pictures of the moonrise at the beach, decided to take the Jeep to get to the parking lot by the inlet because it was a long walk from the campground especially at night.  When she got on the walkway she realized that the wind was blowing very hard making it hard to keep the camera steady.  Also, the mist was making it hard to keep the camera dry.  At 8:59 pm the moonrise should begin, but nothing happened.  Oh, there were clouds at the horizon.  Finally, the moon made its appearance after 9:06 pm.  First few pictures pictures were blurry because of the wind.

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