Wednesday, July 29, 2015

June 27, 2015 - Bremen, IN & Nappanee, IN

It rained all night long while we dozed away. There were lots of water puddles around the campground. Where we were there was not, so we were lucky.  

We stopped at Burlington Bike Shop off 2b Road in Nappanee, IN to pick up Edith's bicycle that was left there yesterday.  The labor rate was only $20!  The bicycle needed a new chain, brackets for the fenders, and gear bearings.  He got the hand brakes adjusted.  After getting information from the fellow on how to care for the gear chain we decided to buy a can of Luboil for future uses.

After leaving the bicycle shop we stayed on 2b going west to the town of Bremen, then right on Dogwood Road to 6, left on SR 106. We wanted to see what the town of Bremen was like.  

Erwin shopped at Woodie's Supermarket in Bremen, IN to get some fruits for his breakfast.  He loves having sliced banana, blackberries and sliced strawberries in his cereals.

Edith spotted a water tower with "Bremen" on it and the best view to take a picture of it is from the cemetery lot. Of course, she checked out the cemetery afterwards, but there were no interesting tombstones or monuments.

We went back to the campground, had lunch, rested a while.  Weather was still unfavorable and it started to feel chilly inside the Lil' Home.

Chillin' and reading a book
before attending the wedding

The wedding was at 5:30 pm, but Edith wanted to be at the Round Barn around 4:45 pm to start shooting pictures of the preparation on the stage.  It was still too early to get ready for the wedding and there were a couple hours left, so Edith spent time googling on sites for future destinations after we leave IN.

We got dressed for the wedding, drove to Amish Acres in Nappanee, IN.  The clouds looked very threatening.  

Several of Lori and Eric's friends were already in the barn and helped decorate the stage.

The Round Barn where the wedding is held in
Getting ready to attend the wedding

Pastor Andrew reviewing notes with Josh, one of the interpreters
Eric and his groomsmen relaxing in the balcony 
Here is the groom!
Eric is all excited about getting married!

Pastor Andrew and Eric on way to the stage

Here comes the bride
Lori & Matthew

Eric's "I do" vow
Lori's "I do" vow
Zachary, the ring bearer 
Judd trying to take off his wedding ring
Someone forgot to bring in Eric's wedding ring
Sand Unity

Jarrell Robinson signing a song while Judd looked on
James Yevich signing his poem in American Sign Language 
Lori, Andrew (the deaf pastor) & Eric
We are not sure what they were looking for...

Sealed with a kiss
The sky darkened more after the wedding was over
The wedding reception 
Instead of signing names on the guest book they signed
on the frame. Cool idea!
John & Barbara 
Jack & Katie
Javier & Vicki
James & Michelle 
Don & Tammie
James & Kayli
Judd, Erika & Reba
Jazlynn & Zachary
Here come the bride and the groom! 
Eric & Lori hip bumping after being introduced to the guests
Josh, a very close friend of the Woomers
dancing with Jazlynn
Lori's sister and maid of honor, Reba
Eric's best man, Judd toasting
Lori's brother and Eric's groomsman, James toasting
Their first dance after the wedding

Lori dancing with her cousin, Tammie
Just wanted to kiss
 Andrew and Cindy Lower                               Katie Pierce and Thomas Rios

Lori's son Zachary
Western style photo
Hey, Erwin wore shoes and white socks :-(  
Deaf photographers taking a break from shooting
Edith and Kevin 
Haggenjos, the wedding photographer from Chicago, IL
In good mood! 
Erwin, Edith, Lori & Eric
The fun continued all night long. We went home early because we were two tired "old" folks.  The wedding was very lovely and we enjoyed every minute of it. The foods were delicious, the cake, too.  There were lots of guests dancing on the floor shaking off the calories.  

All in all, it was a very beautiful day.

Miles driven:
LH - 0
Jeep - 35

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