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June 23, 2015 - Des Moines, IA to Galesburg, IL

Oh, it felt nice when we were greeted by a lovely sunny morning as we were getting ready to leave Des Moines, IA.

We drove via I-235, saw the capitol and part of the skyline. We did not spend time sightseeing there, but we will definitely visit and stay in DM another time. Traffic was not that bad during morning rush hour.

Now on I-80 East. Erwin was still driving on the left lane. There were cars going by us on the right lane. Well, there was a guy driving a white car that caught Edith's eye. He was honking while looking at her, made lots of gestures, then flashed the bird at her! Guess he got mad because Erwin kept pulling into the right lane. Well, he got off at the next exit!

First time we saw a big yellow sign before the rest area that says "Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers".

Very pleasant drive on the highway.  We made a stop at a rest area in Grinnell, IA  to walk around a bit.  The restrooms were very clean, had plenty stalls. Good RV/truck parking area.  However, Wi-fi did not work.  It has a dump station.

After our short break we continued on I-80 until exit 201 to get fill up for the Lil' Home (LH) ($2.65 g) at Kwik Stop.

Our LH needed oil change anytime soon, so we stopped at Interstate Truck Repair, Inc (not far from Kwik Stop) to see if they can do oil change.  No available slot to take us in today, they can do it tomorrow, but we cannot stay much longer.

Instead of getting back to I-80 we stayed on 21 North.  Pretty farmlands, green all over. 

Then made a right turn onto old Historic Route 6 (Iowa Valley Scenic Byway), went through the town of Victor. Beautiful drive. Roads were bumpy, not much shoulder to pull over. Then another right turn to get on Highway 6 Trail to go to Amana, IA.

Some cornfields have corn stalks more than knee high.

It was not easy to find an ample parking space in the town of Amana (part of the Amana Colonies).  It was at the very end of the town that there was a large parking area, so we left the LH there. 

We decided to have lunch at Ox Yoke Inn - fried chicken, corn, real mashed potatoes with gravy, cottage cheese, cole slaw, sauerkraut  green beans, bread with strawberry spread.  Very delicious! 

Family style lunch

Erwin enjoying his fried chicken

High carbs overloaded! But everything was so delicious!

A tray of scrumptious desserts.. No, we did not order any :-(
After lunch we walked about the town, went in some stores.  We sampled wines at Ackerman Winery, bought 4 bottles.  

Why is Erwin wearing sunglasses while inside the store?
Your guess?
Weather started to get hotter and hotter.

There was a store selling handmade knives and Edith wanted to buy ulu with red wood handle, but they did not have any on hand.  They will ship it home at end of July.

We sampled more wines at a different store, tried dandelion and pomegranate wines. Both were good, so we bought one bottle of each. Now we have 6 bottles of wine to enjoy for the rest of our trip. 

On way back to the parking area Edith stopped at a bakery store and got two strawberry rhubarb bars.  That was for our dessert!

Leaving Amana, IA we continued driving on 6 East, then got on I-80.

We decided to stop the trip early, exited at 32 (IL 17) to spend the night at Pilot Center, but after checking Pilot Center out Erwin preferred to stay at Walmart in Galesburg, so we got back on I-74, finally settled in at Walmart at 6:15 pm.

After supper Erwin dropped Edith off at Great Clips that is not far from Walmart. Edith started to complain that she looked like a sheepdog and needed haircut before the wedding.  Erwin went off to the laundromat at to do the laundry. After Edith's haircut she walked to the shoe department to look for a pair of white shoes she needs to wear at friends'  wedding, but did not find any.  

The evening was very pleasant. The sunset was lovely. Lots of pink clouds all around.

Miles driven:
LH - 244
Jeep - 8

Today's route:
A: Des Moines, IA
B: Grinnel, IA
C: Victor, IA
D: Amana, IA
E: Galesburg, IL

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