Tuesday, July 14, 2015

June 14, 2015 - Three Forks, MT & Canyon Ferry Lake

Ahh... A beautiful morning.. It is going to be a perfect day for boating later today.

For breakfast Keri fixed cream cheese and strawberry crepes. While everybody else was busy eating and enjoying breakfast Keri packed snacks, cut up fruits, crackers, cut cheeses nuts and drinks in coolers.

Everyone of us huddled up in the SUV, off we went to Canyon Ferry Lake, about an hour drive north.  It was a treat for Hunter's 2nd birthday, but Dustin and Keri also wanted their kids to have fun for few hours.  

Kalista chillin' before boating

Canyon Ferry Lake is a reservoir on the Missouri River between Helena, MT and Townsend, MT.  The lake was formed after the completion of the dam in 1954.  It is the third largest body of water in Montana and has 76 miles of shoreline.  It is a popular outdoor destination for boating, fishing, skiing, etc. 

After Dustin received brief instruction on how to handle the pontoon we went off to a spot where the kids could go jump in the water.  After checking to be sure Conner's life vest was fastened properly he was the first one to jump in the water. We wished you could see Conner's facial expression.  The water was C.O.L.D. and Conner's eyes almost popped out! He swam back to the boat as fast as he could.  His teeth was chattering and his body shaking. 

Dustin decided to move to other spots where the water might be warm, finally found a spot and the kids went in the water.  

All in all, we had a lovely/relaxing afternoon with the Traver family.

Once back home, Keri went in full force to decorate for Hunter's 2nd birthday party.  It did not matter if time was short, but Keri managed to pull everything together in a short time.

All smiles!

Just one blow and he did it!
"Cookie Monster, I'll take cookies out of your mouth"
Mess Time!
Oh yeah, they got me!
Everyone enjoyed the party. Lot of cleaning up afterwards... It is always a joy to see smiles on kids' faces having a good time.

Since it is our last night to spend time with the family we played games.  The kids kept asking us if we could stay another day.  Using sign language Zella asked Edith where her home is.  Edith told her that RV is her home.  She paused and thought for a while, then signed back to her "But this house is your home".  Oh, she really melted Edith's heart.  We love her! Such a sweet and thoughtful girl.

It was a very lovely and enjoyable day to spend time with the family. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye tomorrow!

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