Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 11, 2015 - Three Forks, MT

Both of us did not have a good night’s sleep at all. We tossed and turned many times, cannot figure out why we could not sleep good.  Maybe it was the excitement of being in the same town where Keri and her family are in.  We were able to catch few winks afterwards.

It was a beautiful morning.  There were lots of Western Robins flying around.  On way back from the shower Erwin was informed by one of the campground workers that there were owl nests in the southeast corner of the campground. Edith grabbed her camera and 100-400mm lens. Alas! The owls have fledged and were gone! We did find disgorged owl pellets laying on the ground. 

Empty Owl nest
Western Robin
American White Pelicans in flight
Western Robin

Brown Rabbit

Edith went in the Jeep to Keri’s house, waited for Erwin to drive the LH here. The night before Dustin suggested that we move our LH and park it on the driveway at his house. He thought we could manage to bring it in. Edith was really impressed when Erwin had no trouble backing it up all the way to almost the end of the driveway (without going back/forth).  Since the ground was not level we had to put blocks under the jacks to level the LH.

Keri, Hunter, Kalista and Sasha were already away from the house. Keri had an appointment in Bozeman.  Edith decided to use the quiet time to work on May 31 blog and finally got it posted. Ice Cream was keeping her company.

Ice Cream - the Travers' new kitten (Zella's)

After Keri and the kids got back home Edith and Keri caught a chance to sit down to catch up on the news.  Erwin took Dustin’s flat truck tire to the shop to get it patched and picked up groceries at Three Forks Market.

Keri fixed Hawaiian Haystacks for supper.  It has become one of our favorite meals.
The kids love it!  

After the supper we, along with Dustin, Keri and Conner, played Ticket to Ride board game.  This game is fun, but Edith has always, thus far, been a LOSER.  At one point she was asked if she knew how to play the game.  Well, tonight the LOSER hat was passed on to Keri. Edith came up 2 points ahead of her.  Erwin brought in Tri-ominos game and we played one game, so Dustin and Keri can get an idea of how it is played.

Erwin went to bed early. Actually, when we are at home (in Fla) we are night owls, but when traveling we hit the sack really early.  Edith decided to go outside to see what the night sky was like.  She could see stars and part of the Milky Way and took few pictures.  

It is so nice to be “home” away from "home"!


  1. I have missed seeing your posts of your travels. For some reason, they don't really show up on my Facebook feed as much. (Darn, Facebook!) But your photos as always are beautiful and I admire and envy your lifestyle. (Just a little!) Thank you for taking the time to post these updates! It allows us who cannot travel to see the world through your eyes. How beautiful it is! (Did you get a little kitty?) Happy and safe travels!

  2. No, Sheila, we did not get a kitty, our adoptive family did. Too much extra responsibility while on the road(s) to make it worthwhile. We are truly blessed to be able to travel and see all the majestic places! We are happy to hear when people appreciate our efforts to show what we have experienced and seen. Erwin