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June 26, 2015 - Bremen, IN & Nappanee, IN

it was overcast this morning. At least, it was not raining.  After a quick breakfast we ventured out to look for giant, hand-painted, quilted-themed murals around the town.  First stop was to see the 4 murals on the side of John's Butcher Shop on N. Main Street in Napanee, IN.

History Tidbit: Nappanee is the only town in America whose name uses every letter twice.

We took a look inside John's Butcher Shop and their meats were little pricey.  

In the town of Nappanee giant 4-foot apple sculptures are stationed in the town, so we took a stroll around and check each one of them.  What was the purpose of apple sculptures?  It is a symbol of the town's rich heritage with events such as the Apple Festival (usually held in September).  There are about 18 beautifully decorated sculptures.  Volunteers spend their time creating the artwork with the commission by businesses.

Next stop was to browse inside the stores at Coppes Commons.  There is a quilt garden outside and to get a best view of it is from the 2nd floor inside the building. The design is called Dutch Double Wrench (sunny yellow Profusion zinnia, Silver Dust dusty miller and Hawaii Blue ageratum). The border is planted with Cocktail Vodka red begonia and cool blue ageratum to finish off the quilt garden.

Inside the Coppes Common building are fabric, deli, ice cream, bookstore, tea store and few more.  Upstairs on the 2nd floor there is a display of 1900's furniture and lots of "Hoosier" kitchen cabinets that were very popular during late 1800's and early 1900's. 

IBM 5251 computer used in the early 80's

We decided to venture out in the countryside, intentionally got lost (we love doing that) just to see what farmlands were like. We also hoped to see Amish farm markets and stores. There were not so many old abandoned farm buildings.  Just a few nice looking ones.

On way back to Nappanee Lori Pope texted to let us know that she and others are at the West Park Pavallion setting up for the rehearsal dinner.  Since we were done with sightseeing we went over to meet Lori and Eric, her fianc√©.
The wedding couple
Eric & Lori
Thomas working on the lantern

Kammy and Katie cutting placemats
Cindy and Andrew working on chair covers
Friends helping set up the tables
Tammie & Matthew
The "J" groomsmen helping with the tables
Judd, Javier & James
A lot of friends were on hand to help Lori and Eric with decorations on the tables, arranging displays, etc.  It was already past 1 pm when we all became hungry.  We went to Dutch Village Market that consists of restaurant, gift shop and flea market.  There were 14 of us so a long table (two tables put together) to fit all of us.  

We were the first ones to finish our lunch, since we were there first before everybody else arrived.  Lori suggested that we visit the flea market and the gift shop, which we did.  It is a very big place to browse around. Erwin got two Western paperbacks. 

On our way back to the campground from the flea market Edith saw a sign for bicycle shop, told Erwin to go there.  Her bicycle has bad gear chain and needed replacement.  We stopped at Burlington Bicycle Shop that is run by Amish family.  The Amish fellow said the chain was too rusty and dry, wont run well and suggested to have it replaced.  While being evaluated the fellow advised that the gear bearings were noisy.  It was almost closing time for the shop and we told him to take his time and we can come pick it up tomorrow.

We got dressed before heading to Amish Acres for the wedding rehearsal at the Round Barn Theater.

The Round Barn Itself was built in 1911. Few decades ago, many Amish people purchased the barn, took apart it.  Each piece was numbered, moved to its new home at Amish Acres and reassembled.  It is now a theater.

Inside the theater it is HUGE and HIGH.  There is a stage where tomorrow's wedding will be performed on.

The Round Barn

The wedding rehearsal took less than two hours.

Lori's daughter, Kayli, dancing on the stage 
Eric & Lori's daughter, Erika
The groomsmen 
Eric & his daughter, Erika
while Andrew and Judd were waiting
The bridesmaids
Lori's sons, Jack and Zachary
Notice all guys folded their arms
Kayli & Lori's sister, Reba
Eric & Lori paying close attention to the instructions
Lori & Eric 
Andrew reciting the verse while Lori & Eric watched
Lori's daughter, Jazlynn
After the wedding rehearsal we went to West Park Pavillon for rehearsal dinner.  The decoration was beautifully set up. There is a table for sweets and a long table for catered food: "BBQ" style pulled pork, mashed potatoes, pasta, green bean casserole, salad, rolls.

Lori and her bridesmaids
Eric and his groomsmen
After dinner Lori wanted the guests to join and play the musicial chair game.  Erwin did not join in because of his right knee and Edith wanted to stay out so she can take pictures.  

The party was very lovely and we had a nice time meeting old and new faces.  We did not stay around long as we were getting tired.

It rained and rained when we were getting ready for bed....

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