Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 12, 2015 - Three Forks, MT & Bozeman, MT

Taking a peek out to see what the weather was like and there was a smile on our faces.  Another gorgeous day it will be.  Edith spent early part of the morning editing the blog for June 1.  

Erwin left for Bozeman very early in the morning to do errands: Oil change (50% off coupon) & free car wash (complimentary from the dealer) for the Jeep, then the laundry at The Clothesline on Main Street. While the Jeep was being worked on the mechanic informed Erwin that the battery was weak and suggested to have it replaced.  After getting the quote on a new battery Erwin went to Walmart to compare the price and decided to get a new battery there.

Today is Hunter’s 2nd birthday.  It was two years ago that Edith saw Hunter when he was 15 minutes old.  Cannot believe how fast time flies. For his birthday treat Keri took him to Tot Morning Out where kids under can go and play trampoline, inflatable playhouse, tumbling, etc.  We left the house around 9:45 am, arrived at the cheer place in Bozeman, MT around 10:30 am . Hunter had a ball playing.  It was over at noon, but Hunter did not want to leave.  

"Let's race over the top"
As you can see Hunter is an expert at bouncing and jumping.

Kalista slept the whole time while Hunter
was having fun

Keri, Hunter and Edith had lunch at The Garage. It used to be a garage and gas station and is now a popular restaurant. The waiting time was 15 mins before we could get a table outside.  Soon after we placed our order Erwin showed up and joined with us.  The meals were very good.

This is the menu!

Mom, mind if I take this one?

After lunch Erwin went home while Keri and Edith shopped at Target to buy clothes for keri's kids. "Grandma" has to spoil her kids sometimes, right?  Kalista needed more newborn clothes and we found few for her.  We picked up summer shorts for Conner and Hunter.  Keri spotted a cute purple bathing suit for Nikkol (Purple is her favorite color).  Since this is summer Keri wants to take kids swimming/boating for the summer and Hunter needed a flotation life vest and wading shoes, which we got.

After the supper we played Ticket to Ride game with Keri, Dustin and Sasha, then Mexican Train dominoes.  We always enjoy playing games with the family.  

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