Monday, July 6, 2015

June 10, 2015 - Clinton, MT to Three Forks, MT

Erwin was up very early and wanted to get things ready before checking out of the campground. Edith was still asleep, but had to be waken up to get ready. It was partly cloudy and in 58˚.

Edith had a slight upset stomach and did not feel like fixing breakfast, so Erwin fixed a pot of coffee and, instead of eating his usual cereal breakfast, ate just one banana..  

It looked like it rained some during the night when we were asleep.  There were puddles everywhere.  

After getting everything put together we left Beavertail Hill State Park Campground at 8:30 am. The sun was trying to come out.  We got back on I-90 E  and were enrouted to Three Forks, MT. In case you were wondering, Edith has not driven the LH yet.  

Our Lil' Home (LH) needed fuel, so we took Exit #153 (Drummond, MT) and stopped at Cenex ($2.85 g).  We love the Gas Buddy app ( It is so much easier and faster to pull up information on fuel locations and prices.  We do not rely on GPS for it.  While Erwin was fueling the LH Edith saw something interesting across the street.  It is a cattle stockyard and there is a a skull with horns on top of the post.  

Our Lil Home fueling up!

At Cenex if you want to pump more than $100 you need to leave the card with the cashier instead of inserting the card at the pump. 72 gallons for $203. The highest we have ever paid for in one fill-up.  Most gas stations limit either $75 or $100 if you use your credit card at the pump. Erwin asked if he could have a free cup of coffee with this large fuel purchase, the lady said sure and thank you! 

After leaving the gas station we decided not to go back to I-90, took MT-1 (Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Highway) to visit Philipsburg, MT.  It would be our 3rd visit  to this town.  We had driven on MT-1 before and it is still very scenic.  Besides that, we love browsing the town of Philipsburg.  

We stopped in Hall, MT, a very rural town to take pictures of skulls on a tree and other stuff.

We arrived Philipsburg at 10:05 am, made a right turn in the town but had to turn atound because the clearance at the railroad overpass was 12'6". Too low for our 12' 6" LH to go under.  We had to turn around and go back into the town. Erwin was driving a bit too fast, was not paying attention to Edith's suggestion to park on the side of the road.  He drove to the almost very end of the town, realized there is not much room to make a U-turn.  The guy living at the apartment came up and told Erwin to continue driving until we see the big blue building where there is room to turn around.  Ahh, so much easier than unhooking the Jeep.  We found a large parking spot, a stone's throw from the town.  By the time we got out of the LH it started to drizzle.  The elevation is 5,000' and lilacs are starting to bloom.

We wanted to buy handmade soaps from Schnibbles, our favorite store, but it was closed. There was a note posted on the door that the lady had to go and do errands.  We had been buying soaps from them in the past.  Few stores down is a store called Bear Creek Pottery and it has handmade soaps and we bought 2 soap bars. We decided not to have lunch in the town and left Philipsburg at 11:30 am.

The town of Philipsburg


The store's security guard
Erwin bought some handmade bath soaps

Back Creek Pottery store where we got handmade soaps from


We went back on MT-1 going to Anancoda. MT.  It was such a beautiful drive. along the way.  We pulled over to enjoy the view of the West Goat Peak in distance.

We reached over 6,000'.  The roads at that elevation were twisty and rolling toward Georgetown Lake.

In Anaconda, MT we got back on I-90 East.

Anaconda Smelter Stack
It was built in 1919 and measures at little more than 585' high
Just before exit 216 Erwin spotted an old abandoned building and pulled off there to let Edith take pictures of it.  Across from the building was some kind of a warehouse and Edith spotted cowboy boots with flowers in them.  While there Edith fixed taboulee for lunch.

Now back to I-90 and there was light road construction between Exit 217 and Butte, MT.

Dark rain clouds were brewing all around and there were more over the mountains.

We checked into Camp Three Forks campground. Soon after setting up the LH we went over to the Travers' house for a visit.  It is always good to visit and spend time with the family.

Camping at Camp Three Forks

Since the gate at the campground closes at 11 pm it meant that we cannot stay up all night to play games with Keri and Dustin. After supper we played two rounds of Ticket to Ride game.  


Overall, it was a good day and we cannot complain a bit.

Miles driven:
LH - 180 
Jeep - 15
Today's route:
A: Clinton MT
B: Drummond, MT
C: Hall, MT
D: Philipsburg, MT
E: Anaconda, MT
F: Stuart, MT
G: Three Forks, MT


  1. is it hard to drive upwards to 6,000 feet above ground with your RV?

  2. Christy, no problem at all.. We even drove up to about 8,000'. Our LH cruise control maintains its speed while climbing upwards