Friday, July 17, 2015

June 17, 2015 - Billings, MT to Forsyth, MT

We cannot believe at how early the sunrise comes up.  It was already bright at 6 am.  The weather this morning was very pleasant and the temperature was in low 60's.

Erwin walked over to Pierce RV Service department to get status on our service appointment for Lil' Home (LH).  They said they might take LH in around 10 am.  

While waiting for them to call us in Edith edited the June 1 blog while Erwin went out for a walk. It took Edith a bit longer to finish the blog because she uploaded more pictures than usual.  

Later on during the day it started to get warm.  There was not much for us to do while we waited for the appointment.

It was already past 12:30 pm and they have not brought our LH in or sent someone to look into the problem.  Becoming little impatient Erwin walked back to the service department to find out what was going on.

Scott, the technician, finally came over around 12:45 pm, adjusted the clock that we could not find the button to change the time (It is obvious that we did not read the manual).  Then to the front shade puller.  He took off the cover that hides a lot of electrical wires and shaved off the top part.  It worked fine. Then to clean off the debris from the ignitor part for the fridge. That is the part we can do ourselves next time the flame does not come on.  Finally one more problem to tackle and we are all good.  He adjusted the clasp on one of the baggage doors.

Adjusting the clock
 Adjusting the shade roller

That was the part where he had to cut off a bit at the top
Cleaning off the debris on the burner tip for the fridge 
 Adjusting the clasp on the baggage door

Scott & Erwin chatting for a while after the service was done

Now that the problems were taken care of we were ready to hit the road, but had to go to the dump station first, then hooked the Jeep, finally left Pierce RV at 2:11 pm.

We used I-90 East to get on I-94 (Exit 456) for Forsyth, MT to visit Erwin's oldest sister Darlene.  We decided not to visit Pompey's Pillar National Monument (Exit 24) this time because we visited it last year.  

Now it is becoming more like The Plains, but still little hilly.  Not much traffic.  There were lots of rimrocks or foothills along the route.

We took Exit 67 to Hysham, MT (It claimed that it is MT's hidden treasure), but there was not much to see/do except for the Yucca Theater and the water tower. The town was almost dead. The Yucca Theatre was the first building listed in the National Register in Treasure County.

Yucca Theater & David M. Manning Residence
David and his brother Jim designed and built it in 1931

Statues of Lewis, Clark, Sacajawea and her son Pomp

Road construction started at MM 81 and ended at MM 87 near Colstrip exit.

After arriving Forsyth at 4:30 pm we went to Wagon Wheel campground, but there were no available sites.  The owner said she has another "campsite" in town.  It was a makeshift campground that is next to a house and across from the nursing home.   The owner suggested that we unloaded the Jeep before going to another campsite.  We followed him to the campsite.  Oh, not a real campground, but three sites next to a residential home!  Oh, better than nothing... It has electricity.  After setting up the LH  Erwin went by himself to see his sis Darlene while Edith stayed behind to get supper started.  

The rain clouds showed up, then dumped heavy rain that lasted for about 30 minutes, created flash flood.  

Before the storm 
During the nasty storm
Erwin came back after his visit with Darlene and supper was served.  Afterwards Edith started to feel so tired and sleepy, so she went and lay down on the bed for a power nap.  BUT her power nap turned into deep sleep and she would not wake up when Erwin tried to get her up. She slept with her clothes on and went into dreamland. Erwin spent the rest of the evening reading a book.   

Miles driven:

LH - 112
Jeep - 12

Today's route:
A: Billings, MT
B: Hysham, MT
C: Forsyth, MT

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