Sunday, August 13, 2017

May 31, 2017 - Cochrane, AB Canada

After breakfast I took a walk around the campground. There are unusual bird houses on fence posts. There is a bike/hike trail along the Bow River.
Entrance to Bow RiversEdge Campround
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Erwin wanted to go to the bank first to exchange US dollars for Canadian dollars (CD) before we go out for sightseeing.  The first bank, RBC Royal Bank, would not exchange unless we have an account with them. Stupid policy!

We decided to try CIBC Bank, and Erwin went in while I waited in the Jeep.   The overheat light showed up on the dashboard, and I started to notice the steam coming out of the hood.  I quickly turned off the engine.  

Erwin came out of the bank with CD and coins, said there was no problem with the exchange at all.  What a relief!   The exchange  was $160 US = $209 CD (after foreign transaction fee) 

But but, Erwin, please check the engine to see what the problem was.  He noticed that the antifreeze in the reservoir tank was bubbling hard.  He was not too sure what the problem was. He suggested that we start looking for auto repair shops in Cochrane. 

Eriol's Auto had no openings, suggested us to try Fenton Automotive. The manager at Fenton said they can look into our Jeep Friday morning. Without analyzing it they said there are three possible things that might be wrong: bad thermostat, leaking head gasket or and radiator. They scheduled us to bring the Jeep in at 8:30 am.  They told us that we can drive the Jeep for a short distance, so we went to Save in Foods store to pick us groceries.
We were disappointed about the Jeep, but we're glad that we can have it fixed before we leave for Edmonton, AB Canada this coming Sunday.

Since we were not going anywhere for the afternoon I decided to clean up the kitchen by disinfecting the sink and the stove. I decided to rearrange the pots and pans on one drawer. While I was doing that Erwin went through some stuff in boxes that had been on the floor for a long time. 

After supper I went out for a nice walk on the Bow River bike/hike trail.  Across the river are lovely and huge houses.  
Walk/Bike Trail along Bow River
After coming back from my hike I got down to editing travel notes before posting them on the Blogger.  The new notebook is slower than Mac Book Pro, but I will try to get most of the stories done before we begin our Alaska journey on June 8th


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