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May 30, 2017 - Shelby, MT to Cochrane, AB, Canada

It was shining brightly when I peeked out the window at 6:45 am.  The clouds were thick when you look to the north and they do look different. Was it because they are in Canada? 🤣

The water tasted so good at Trails West RV Resort that we decided to fill up the fresh water tank before entering Canada today. 

Since there are restrictions on foods to be brought in when visiting Canada we got rid of fruits and vegetables. Yesterday I was going to buy produce for salads, but decided not to. They might go to waste! 

After getting our Lil' Home (LH) ready for its journey into Canada we left Trails West at 8:30 am. Took I-15 N for Lethbridge, AB Canada (about 100 miles).  We set up the new Rand McNally dash cam to record our journey, to capture images. 
There were hundreds of wind turbines on the bluff along I-15. We stopped at the last 
US rest area at Exit 397 in Sweetgrass, MT before approaching Canada border.

We entered Canada border at 9:15 am, were questioned few and let go without inspection. From there we got on Highway AB 4.There was not much traffic, much to our relief.
We checked into the Visitor's Center in Milk River, AB to get information and pick up brochures/maps for Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB.  There is a dinosaur display outside and inside the center. The guide was very helpful, gave us tips on places to visit in Calgary. The interpretive center was very nice and had interesting artifacts.

Being attacked!
Transcript:  May 30, 2017
I am here near Milk River, Alberta Canada. I am in
visitor center to get information. The map shows 3 different
routes going to Alaska.  We will take the green route
Calgary to Edmonton - this is where we will meet other RVers
for the caravan going to Alaska this June 6th until July 19th. 
We will drive from Edmonton to Mile 0 in Dawson Creek, BC.
I am excited and cannot wait. 

We wanted to stay longer at the interpretive center, but I had an afternoon appointment with Apple Store in Calgary, AB to have them check my Mac Book Pro laptop at 4 pm. 

After leaving the Visitor's Center we took the back road, so I can get some pictures of grain elevators. There were more than few along the route, but I took only two.
We then got back on Highway AB 4 to continue our journey toward Calgary, AB. There were several old barns in the prairie.  There was one interesting sign that had strange name "Creepy Hollow" and I have no idea what it is.  Bed/Breakfast, motel, bar, or what???
In Lethbridge, AB from Highway AB 4 we turned right to get on AB 3 in Lethbridge, AB, continued on this route for 20 km.  We pulled into a turnout to eat lunch, few kms north of Lethbridge.

On 519 west toward Granum, AB we can now see Canadian Rockies in the West, but it was hazy.
It was 142 km left to Calgary, AB when I took over the driving, so Erwin can get a power nap before we reach Calgary.

We made it to Calgary city limit at 1:50 pm.  We took Crowchild Trail 1A to the campground.
We arrived at Bow RiversEdge Campground in Cochrane, AB at 2:50 pm. The campground was very well maintained, has a river view.  We were parked at site #93. We are staying here for 5 nights. The campground closes it's gate at 11 pm, so if anyone want to stay out past 11 pm they will have to park outside, walk to the campground.

After we parked the LH we left in the Jeep to go to Apple Store inside the CF Market Mall on Shaganappi Trail in Calgary, a 30 minute drive from the campground. 

Apple Store is HUGE and it was not even crowded like we usually see at Jacksonville Apple Store.  We were assigned to Adi, Mac specialist.  He took the laptop to the back room to do some tests.  He came back with bad news that it is not working.  To repair/fix it it will cost almost as much as buying a new one. I decided not to buy a new Mac Book Pro. 

We went to Staples to see what PC laptops and notebooks they have.  I did not see what I liked. 

Next store to check out was Best Buy, and it had one that I thought might work. Acer Notebook, but they did not have it in stock. They called other stores, suggested us to go to the one in Beacon Hills, not too far from Cochrane.  

Beacon Hills Best Buy did not have Acer Notebook on display, and the sales agent was not sure what we wanted when we explained what we were looking for. She looked it up in the computer, said there are 6 on hand.  We left the store with a brand new Notebook, that can be functioned as a tablet.  I hope it will do a good job of posting our travel stories for the blog. 

It was getting so late and we decided to eat out. We went to the Canadian Brewhouse in Cochrane.  We got the Meatza pizza 12" and it was very very good!
Stanley Cups
Hockey Shirts and  Sticks on the walls


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