Wednesday, August 2, 2017

May 29, 2017 - Three Forks, MT to Shelby, MT

The weather was very lovely and it felt good outside. We were ready around 7:45 am, checked all around our Lil' Home (LH) to be sure everything is secured and in place.
We will miss this view, but we will be back in the fall
After saying bye to Keri, Dustin and the kids I went in the Jeep and Erwin followed me to Town Pump Gas Station, so we can hook the Jeep to the LH.  While there Erwin picked up his breakfast of coffee and maple donut.  I was not hungry at that time, so I did not get anything.
Off we go!
We left Three Forks, MT at 9:45 am, got on Route 287 N.  We were planning on stopping at Costco in Helena, MT to pick up some steaks, dairy products, etc.While I was looking for Costco's address in Google Maps I noticed the word 'CLOSED' in red. Oh no! The store is closed because it is Memorial Day today. We forgot all about today's holiday. There are two Costco stores in Calgary, AB Canada, so I guess we will buy stuff there. 

We went past Gates of the Mountains, the wilderness within Helena National Forest. There is a parking area where motor homes can park there and people can enjoy the view of the mountains and the lake.  We will want to go there next time!
While in Helena, MT we pulled into Town Pump gas station to get diesel fill-up. There was a road construction on I-15 just north of Great Falls, MT. We were hungry by the time we got to Great Falls, but decided to continue driving north to find a spot to pull over, so we can eat lunch.

We finally found a spot to pull over to for lunch break. It was at Windmill View Loop parking area, about 15 miles north of Great Falls.

After lunch we continued our trek on I-15 North until we exited to Route 2 in Shelby, MT. Trails West RV Resort is West of I-15 when going north. The campground was behind Shopko, is next door to Best Western Hotel.  

To register for a campsite we had to walk in Best Western Hotel.  It cost $18.73 for one night after Passport America discount.  We asked to be put on site #2 because it was more level than other sites we checked after entering the premise. 
The big white building in the back is the Best Western
Hotel.  Our Lil' Home is right in the front

Afterwards we went out for a drive to Shelby town center. There was not much to see. There were some vintage signs and old buildings.

Yeah, the wreath was still up there, 5 months after December!
Willie the Coyote is plastered on the trashcan
all over the town.  Coyote is the mascot for
local high school
Shelby town on Main Street
Roxy, an old theatre
I had read about one interesting roadside attraction: 1923 Gibbons-Dempsey heavyweight boxing championship that took place in this town.  It took us a while to figure out where Champions Park was.  It was next door to McDonalds fast food joint.  There are interpretive signs, each explaining about boxing matches.  There are metal sculptures representing two boxers and a referee.

Jack Dempsey (World Heavyweight Champion 1919-1926) had held his heavyweight title with defense for 18 months by the time he arrived in Great Falls, MT.  He was welcomed with a parade, including a band.  The town treated Dempsey like he was a royal figure.  At that time, he had not fought in two years after knocking out Georges Carpenter in 1921.

Tommy Gibbons lived and trained in Shelby, MT, was affectionately respected by the townspeople of Shelby. Unlike Dempsey, he was not well known to most boxing fans. Except for training expenses Tommy accepted to box against Dempsey with no compensation.  

The boxing's world heavyweight championship was held on July 4, 1923. Only 7,202  spectators paid to watch the match, which the organizers thought was a failure.  It was this fight that Dempsey ever fought which lasted the full 15 rounds. In the end, Dempsey retained the title with a 15-round unanimous decision.

Before going back to the campground we shopped at Albertson's to pick up groceries.  We wanted to have as much stuff as we can get before we enter Canada tomorrow.


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