Friday, June 2, 2017

March 30, 2017 - Big Bend National Park, TX

Erwin woke me up at 5 am because I mentioned last night that I wanted to be up to go out and get pictures of the Milky Way (at its peak).  I was too tired and wanted to sleep in.  I have two more mornings ahead to get up very early.  

There were no clouds. The sun did not peek above the mountains until half an hour past its rising time.

We had our lunches, along with guacamole dip and a bag of tortilla chips, packed in an insulated bag.  We were going to be gone all day long and there are not much dining places in Big Bend National Park.

On our way out we stopped at Rio Grande Village store to use wifi to check emails. I made a list of places to visit today.

After going through the tunnel we made a left turn to visit the Hot Springs Historic District.  Hot Springs District, also known as Boquillas Hot Springs, is a former resort.  It was developed by J.O. Langford from 1909.  There is a two mile gravel road going down a rough, narrow wash to the district and the trailhead.  From the parking lot you walk down to the Homesteaders ruins.  There are pictographs that can be seen along the cliff walls.  We did not think to bring our bathing suits to take a dip in the 105 degree spring pool.  The spring is a short trail from the Homsteader ruins.

Next visit was to explore Dugout Wells.  There is a solitary windmill that continues to siphon water.  A short hike to walk around. 
We went to Chisos Basin to see what the campground is like. It is not ideal for big rigs like our Lil' Home, good for motorhomes up to 24 feet.  There is a lodge/snack shop/visitor's center. There is a great view of the V- shaped Window and there are two trailheads. We spent some time at the Visitor's Center.
The V-shaped Window
Next stop was to take a hike at Grapevine Hills.  The 2.2 mile round trip trail leads through a desert wash before climbing through boulders to see the Balanced Rock.  The first 3/4 of the one way trip is easy, but the last 1/4 mile is a steeper climb over rocks.  We brought two bottles of water each and wore wide brimmed hats.  I had trouble climbing over the rocks because of my bad knee and hips, but I managed to make it to the top.  What a gorgeous view and I was mighty proud that I did not give up.  This is the moment I will never forget.  I might be very sore tomorrow, but it was worth every step!  Erwin did not give up, either, in spite of his aching heel. 

After getting back “home” I managed to have the energy to cook supper. Both of us were very tired. Erwin’s left heel was aching, so he had a bottle of iced water rolled under it to relieve the ache.

I mustered up enough strength to go out for sunset photo op. 

What is the plan for tomorrow?  We have no idea, but wait to see how we feel and what the weather will be like.


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