Thursday, June 29, 2017

April 11, 2017 - Tucson, AZ

Yesterday the weather app called for cloudy day today, but it was very sunny when we were up.  I was hoping for a cloudy day, so we can go to Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, since we will be outside checking out flowers and desert plants.  We will probably go there tomorrow or hold it off until we come back here for the winter.
Few RVs have left, but few more arrived last night.  it is nice to park here for free, and the security car drives around checking to be sure everything is alright. 

I listed 5 places to visit today.  Three of them are RV parks.  We wanted to visit and see what each RV campground is like.  We are thinking of camping in Tucson for our one month this coming winter.  

The first two places were RV campgrounds and we did not care so much for either one of them.  

We visited St Augustine Cathedral in downtown Tucson. The interior was very beautiful. We did not stay very long because we forgot to bring coins to pay for parking.  We will definitely bring lots of coins tomorrow.

While driving through downtown Tucson we checked out a couple murals. Some so colorful, some so quirky. 
St. Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal Church on Campbell Ave was the next place to visit.  It was built in 1940 and most of the craftsmanship was done in Mexico.  This was the first church that we ever see with a glass window behind the altar with a great view of the desert, cacti and the mountains.  
 Across the church is a labyrinth. Erwin went first and I followed, but I stopped after feeling so hot. Erwin continued until he finished.

We checked out one more RV campground on the east side of Tucson.  We liked this one better, talked to the receptionist about reservations, cancellation fees, etc.  We found three spots we liked, but don’t know when we will be back here in the winter.  We may know for sure after we spend time in Phoenix next week.

Since Saguaro National Park (Rincon) is not so far from the RV campground I suggested to Erwin that we go check it out.  I told him we did not have to hike, just stay in the car and drive on the 8-mile loop.  It was a nice drive, but we realized that there is not as many Saguaros here as they are in the other park (Tucson Mountains - west side).
Catcus Skeleton
Close-up shot
We stopped at Eegees to get their fruit slush. I had pina colada and Erwin wanted lemon/strawberry.  Both of us got small sized drinks.  My pina colada was very delicious.  Erwin was not too happy with his :-(
After supper (thank goodness for leftovers) I went off to do sunset and pink moon rise photo shooting from the top of the parking garage behind Casino del Sol.  

Pink Moon rising


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