Wednesday, June 7, 2017

April 3, 2017 - Van Horn, TX to El Paso, TX

It was a very bright morning with the sun smiling down on us. A perfect day for our trek to El Paso. We checked out of Desert Willow RV Park at 10 am (CST), got on I-10 West.
We pulled over to Scenic Overlook for a view of the mountain range around us. There is a plaque explaining explaining about the Culbertson County.  The County was created in 1911 and was named after David B. Culbertson, a well known lawyer and a member of the U.S. Congress.  The trail leading to the top is of gravel and rocks, but passable. 
It was at 10:30 am (CST) when we entered into Mountain Time zone, so now it is 9:30 am
We have Weather Live app on our iPhones, and it issued an alert of fire weather watch in El Paso area and other neighboring counties. 

There is an inspection station on I-10 East and it is mostly for trucks. Cars can bypass the inspection station.
We arrived Hueco Tanks State Park at 1:30 pm, checked in and got site #2.  The ranger explained the restrictions while camping.  The state park closes at 6 pm everyday, and they do not encourage late comers. We were advised to come back before 6 pm and stay inside the state park for the rest of the night.  

Before we could get the Lil’ Home settled at the campground we were required to go to the Interpretive Center first, showed the hosts the receipt.  In order to receive the certification card we had to watch the video for 15 minutes (no captions, but they had transcripts for me to read/follow).  After the video, we both got cards which are good for one year from the issue date. 

Interpretive Center
We had to watch the video before they allowed us to
go hiking around here
Since the video was not captioned
they had transcripts for us to read
Our campsite
After getting everything settled in we went out for a hike nearby. 

We enjoyed hiking around and there are more trails, but they are restricted and must be with a guide.  We may sign up to go on one tour sometimes this week.
Erwin finally finished his woodburning project that he started last week or so.  He has already found a new woodburning project to work on this week.


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  1. I enjoyed your blog and photos! I look forward to reading more entries this summer.