Monday, June 19, 2017

April 9, 2017 - Lordsburg, NM to Tucson, AZ

Even though the morning was very beautiful I tried to sleep in some more, but could not.  
There was breakfast waiting for us when we walked in Annalee's house.  While we were eating Annalee asked us to go to her church, since today was Palm Sunday.
The old church in 1909
After the church service we went to Denny’s for breakfast/lunch. We all ordered the same thing; scrambled egg with cheddar cheese, two bacon strips, two sausage links and two stacks of pancake.
After bidding Annalee good-bye we left Lordsburg, NM at 1:15 pm, and got on I-10 West for Tucson, AZ. 

We made it to Arizona State line at 12:50 pm.  There were yellow warning signs notifying drivers of Dust Blowing for next 20 miles. If the yellow lights are flashing this means the dust storm is happening.  However, there were none when we went on for 20 miles, but we saw some small dust devils.
There was a 2 mile long construction on our way to the casino. There was an accident involving three vehicles, so there was a bottleneck from three lanes to one.  Almost nobody wanted to allow RVs to cut in, but Erwin managed to do so.
We made it to Casino Del Sol on W. Valencia Road in Tucson, AZ.  I googled and found that there are casinos in Tucson that allow RV parking overnight.  Casino Del Sol received high ratings and good reviews.  There were already 29 RVs out there when we pulled into the parking lot at the far endThere were plenty and plenty of room for many more RVs.  After scanning the area we decided on a site next to the median, facing the casino building.  
Casino Del Sol
We drove to the parking garage behind Casino Del Sol, walked inside the casino.  We signed up for player card, and each of us got $10 free play (good for slot machines, not table games).  The casino was pretty much crowded, but today is Sunday, so everybody is off and came to play before most of them have to report to work tomorrow.

In the back of the casino there is a beautiful pool, so we walked around.  There were few "Selfie" spots on the surface around the pool. Cool?!
One of few Selfie Spots|
Of course, we took one of us
Check below
Us on Selfie spot
View of the pool from the garage (the upper level)
After strolling through sections we left without playing slot machines, went back to our Lil’ Home.  Erwin started supper and we dined outside enjoying the beautiful weather.
I told Erwin that the sunset was going to be pretty and that I was going to drive and go to the top of the parking garage. He wanted to tag along, so we went.  I took Canon camera along.

I almost missed the setting sun, BUT I felt so stupid because I forgot the SD card for the camera. It was still in my laptop.  What did I do?  Used iPhone to take pictures.  Not bad!  The sunset was gorgeous, and the almost full moon was already up.  
When we got back there were few more RVs here.  There was one RV, not too far from us, had a patio rug (large one) put out along with several chairs. It looks like they are going to be staying here a long while.

The night was cool.  I did not see stars in the sky.  Perhaps late in the night?  I am already tired, so I am going to hit the sack and miss the beautiful starry sky, if that ever happens.


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