Monday, June 19, 2017

April 8, 2017 - Las Cruces, NM to Lordsburg, NM

A perfect morning for our visit to Farmers Market in downtown Las Cruces. Before we headed out Erwin filled up the water tank and drained the grey/black wastes, closed the slideouts. He did not want to do this after we get back from the market, so when we are back we are good and ready to leave the town.
The farmers market is open year-round on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Seven city blocks are closed off for booths.  Food trucks, community service, etc  We strolled for about an hour and half before heading back to the campground.
We decided to stop at Alberston's to pick up groceries because the next town we will be going to does not have supermarkets.  We plan to dry camp for few days, so we want to fix simple suppers that will not require the use of microwave or convention oven.

We left Hacienda RV Park at noon, got on I-10 West. There was an Inspection station about 25 miles west of Las Cruces. We were quickly let go after the semi, in front of us, started to leave.

Went to parking area with no facilities to eat lunch. The mountains on the left side of I-10 Eastbound is in Mexico.  The construction started at Mile Marker 94 and ended at MM 92.

We pulled into a rest area near Gage, NM because there was a lot of yellow California poppies all around. A perfect photo opportunity for me
We arrived Lordsburg, NM at 3 pm, stopped by Erwin's first cousin, Annalee's house. Erwin and Annalee had not seen each other in 56 years since Erwin's dad's passing.  After visiting for a couple hours we went out for supper at Kranberry's Family Resturant.
Erwin showing Annalee his woodburing projects
We dry camped in front of Annalee’s residence. The generator was on for a while, so we can turn the air conditioning on to cool down because it had gotten so warm inside the Lil' Home.


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