Friday, June 16, 2017

April 6, 2017 - Las Cruces, NM

Very early in the morning I went by myself to go visit Mesilla again because the sun was rising from the East and I wanted to take pictures of Southwest decor with the sun shining on them.
I revisited the Basilica because there were few spots I did not get pictures of yesterday. Then I walked over to the plaza to get a good look around.

Erwin was ready when I got back from my outing. We had our lunches packed. Erwin drove this time, so I can work on travel notes.

Last night I listed 8 places to visit while staying in Las Cruces. The first stop was at New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.  The admission fee for Seniors (60 +) was $5.
New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is a great place to learn about New Mexico agriculture and ranch life in the Southwest. It is situated on a 47 acre property.  It was in 1970 when two well know figures led the effort to create the facility.  There is a gift shop and winery.  
After paying the admission fee the lady alerted us to look out for two Great Horned Owls that were perching on trusses at the front entrance. 
Wine Shop
Erwin sampling wine

Artifacts belonging to Bruce King, the former governor
of New Mexico
Bruce's footwear
Blacksmith's Shop
Marriage Proposal
Erwin wiring a telegraph
The Historic Green Bridge
The oldest steel highway bridge that was built in 1902.

The Organ Mountains and Dripping Springs was not that far away from the museum, so we drove over there just to see what it was like and whether we have time for hiking and sightseeing.  After getting there we decided not to continue driving in, and decided to save it for when we plan to spend some days here this coming winter.
The Organ Mountains
Next place to visit was Art Obscura. It is on Harrelson Street, is a one stop shop for unusual stuff.

We went by The Big Chile Inn to get a picture of the world's largest Chile Pepper.  The 47 foot long sculpture is made of concrete, using about 2 and half tons of it. The purpose of the placement was to lure tourists to come to this hotel.  
On way back to the RV Park we decided to re-visit Mesilla because the sun was now shining on houses from the West. We also went by one store, Ristramnn Chile Co, that sells lots of red chile peppers.
Lots of pinatas
Sponge Bob Pinata
Because Mesilla was not so far from the chile pepper store we cruised through the neighborhood. I found few of Southwest decor, but they were not easy to find.
Back to our "home" Erwin got the laundry put together, went off to the laundry inside the RV Park. I tried to take a nap when he was away, but I couldn't.  Too many thing were running wildly inside my brain!

After supper we went out again to the spot near The Organs Mountains entrance for sunset photo op.  


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