Saturday, June 10, 2017

April 4, 2017 - El Paso, TX

Erwin wanted to go to Barnett Harley Davidson store, the world's largest (I don't know if that is true) to get T-shirts for our friends.  When we walked in the store our jaws literally dropped to the floor.  There were hundreds and hundreds of motorcyles on display.  From lightweight to heavyweight cycles! The merchandise area was huge and there were many T-shirts to choose from. We had a hard time "deciding" which one. After mulling over few we chose one that we hoped our friends will like.

After leaving Barnett store we went to visit Concordia Cemetery on N. Stevens St.  It is Texas State Historic site (also known as El Paso' Boot Hill) that was founded in the mid 1800's by Hugh Stevenson and his wife. Mr. Stevenson was a trader. Veterans, civic leaders, pioneers are buried here. A little run down cemetery but it had some interesting tombstones.

Next visit was to check out St. Patrick Cathedral on N. Mesa St.  It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso, TX and the mother church for 668,000 Catholics.  The art work is beautiful.

We cruised through the city centre of El Paso, checking out some interesting buildings and landmarks.

We contacted Connie, a good friend of ours, to see if it was okay for us to come visit her husband, John, who has been in the hospital for a while. She told us to come on over, so we did.  John was in the same college years with us.  In later years he became a preacher and we had him marry us in 1992. Connie was the only witness at our wedding. She also took pictures during our vows.  It was good to see Connie and John again.  

We went back to Hueco Tanks State Park, went for a short hike. 
The sunset was spectacular!  It was a very pleasant night.


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