Thursday, July 7, 2016

April 21, 2016 - Douglas, WY to Billings, MT

Erwin was the first one up and told Edith to hurriedly get going because we were in the school zone and needed to leave ASASP before the school opens.  We left at 7 am. 

The frost was on the ground and Edith asked Erwin to check the air temperature. It was 32˚. 

On way to I-25 N we went past the fairgrounds and Riverside Park was not on Center Street, it was on 25 Business. Next time we will know where to dry camp at Riverside City Park.

The drive on I-25 was very nice and smooth. Not much traffic. The speed limit is 80 mph!  We like to go no more than 55 mph.

We decided not to go to visit Ayres Natural Bridge.  It was too early and we would rather leave our Lil’ Home and go in the Jeep.  Next time!

There were lots of wind turbines on the east side between Exits #156 and 165 near Glenrock, WY by Dave Johnson Power Plant.  We spotted so many pronghorns and priarie dogs along the way.

We took Exit #185 to get on WY 258 to eat breakfast at Village Inn on Wyoming Blvd. We had strawberry crepe combo (two crepes, hash browns and two bacon slices).  Edith suddenly remembered to use Snipsnap app for $5 off entrees.  The manager had trouble with the discount.  First time it was $2.50 off and then the manager had to call another store for the solution.  She gave Erwin $7.50 back. We ain't complaining!

We decided not to stay in and visit Casper.  We visited this town 2 years ago and there wasn't much left to see/do.  We decided to keep on driving to Billings, MT

There was some road constructions on I-25 for several miles.  More sightings of pronghorns. Must have been thousands of them since we left Douglas, WY.  

Near Buffalo, WY we took I-90 N from I-25, continued our way toward Billings, MT. We pulled into scenic overlook to admire and enjoy the view of Bigfoot National Forest/Cloud Peak. Houses on top of the mountains near Sheridan, WY have the best view of the range. 

We were not fortunate enough to see one!

Our adopted homestate

We finally arrived Pierce RV at 3:30 pm. 5 campsites were occupied, leaving the last one open.  We pulled up to the propane station to get LP gas tank filled up. 

We went in the service department to let them know there were a couple of problems with our LH. We got an appointment for them to work on our LH tomorrow morning.

The technician checking to see what the problem is with the step motor
After supper we rested for the night.  The moon was full tonight.

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