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April 20, 2016 - Cheyenne, WY to Douglas, WY

Erwin was up first, took a shower, then woke Edith up. She was so tempted to sleep in, but had to get out right away because she realized that there is so much she wanted to do/visit today.

Truck wash was across the road from Flying J.  We brought our Lil' Home (LH) and the Jeep in for wash.  It cost us $70.49 for both vehicles. It took the guys about 15 minutes to wash, rinse and apply Rain-X (protectant). Both the LH and the Jeep came out looking so spiffy, looked like they were brand new.

Inside the wash building
Leaving the wash building after the bath

It looked like new, didn't it?
Now on I-25 N to Exit #12 to park our LH at Super Walmart, so we can unhook the Jeep and go sightseeing in the town of Cheyenne.

Erwin needed to get cash from Bank of America (BOA), so he checked BOA mobile app for ATM locations. It showed there was one not too far from Cheyenne Depot Museum. Well, we went past the X mark, turned around and drove by it again. It is now a fast food joint.  Apparently, there is no more BOAs in Cheyenne.  

There are decorative boots at Cheyenne Depot Museum plaza. It is a fun photo opp.  We went inside the building to get information. The admission fee to go inside the museum is $7 per person. We did not buy tickets because there were other places we wanted to see for rest of the day.  

Cheyenne Depot & Museum

Edith goofing around

Across the plaza is a very old building and it is now The Wrangler, a Western outfitter. It has been there since 1943.  Erwin tried on a cowboy or Western hat, but they did not have it in his size.  He bought a pair of blue jeans and two Western shirts.  Since he is a Montanan he needs to have some Western wear.  

Erwin liked this hat so much, but the store did not
have it in his size :-(

We strolled up and down the streets of historic Cheyenne downtown. Some interesting murals, but one would have to go inside the alley to find them.  

We were hungry for lunch and Edith looked up Tripadvisor’s recommendation on dining places. Rib and Chop was ranked #1 and we happened to be in the area.  The dining room was full and to get a table we would have to wait at least 30 minutes. The hostess suggested us to have lunch in the bar/grill area.  Edith went with baked mushrooms with crab meat stuffing and chicken gumbo.  Erwin got a loaded potato with pulled pork on top of it.  Everything was very delicious. To top it off we got desserts: creme brûlée for Edith and apple cobbler for Erwin.  Erwin claimed that the cobbler was the BEST he ever ate.  

Rib Chop House is inside this building


If you have been following our blog for a long time you will know by now that Edith does like to check out cemeteries where ever we go.  Well, she found three cemeteries: Lakeview, Bethel & Mt. Olivet.  The most interesting of these three was Lakeview.  Bethel is a Jewish cemetery and Mt. Olivet is a Catholic burial ground.

He must've been a Blacksmith!

Not too far from the cemeteries was Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.  There were few bronze sculptures on the front of the museum.  It is $9 per person to tour the museum. We did not go in because we were running late and wanted to leave Cheyenne before 5 pm.  There is a botanical garden nearby, but it is too early to view the flowers and plants.  We will visit it another time when the season and weather are right for the plants.

Edith had a short list of places to visit, but we were running out of time.  We visited only 4 out of 8.  We went back to Walmart to hook the Jeep to the LH and left for Casper, WY.  

Edith drove 53 miles on I-25. A milestone! 

Thumb up!

We decided to stop for overnight in Douglas, WY because both of us were tired and hungry.  We could not find River Side City Park that has free campsites (max stay is 3 days), so we continued around and found a good spot near the school on E. Walnut Drive.

Because we had a very good lunch Edith decided not to cook ribeye steak and vegetables. Instead, she served spaghetti leftover that she fixed last night.  

We saw lots of rabbits eating grass at a property across the road.  A lone deer was walking across the road, then started to gallop as soon as it heard a dog barking nearby.

The night was quiet and Edith spent time editing pictures for April 4th blog.

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