Saturday, July 9, 2016

April 23, 2016 - Billings, MT to Harlowtown, MT

The sky is grey.  It was chilly and windy. We had to wear flannel shirts again.  

Erwin filled up the fresh water tank in preparation for our trip out of Billings, MT.  The old water pump miraculously got another life to it. We could not figure out why it was working again this morning.  Erwin went to the parts store, but it was not open until 9 am. We had to wait til it was open to see if they have the water pump we needed. They did and we bought a spare just in case it went on the blink again.

When we were ready to check out we discovered that the steps would not close at all! What else?!  Erwin had to call in a technician to see if the step can be manually closed. He brought a can of WD-40 and lubricated it (even though there is a sticker on the step that no lubrication is needed) the nuts/bolts.  It finally closed, but not 100%.  At least, it is closed when we travel. We finally left Pierce RV Superstore at 11 am (rather late to start the trip, but we wanted the problems taken care of first)

Erwin got diesel fill-up for our Lil’ Home (LH) at Costco gas station while Edith waited in the Jeep . After it was done we moved to a space where we can hook the Jeep to the LH.  We then walked to Costco store to pick up few items.  We also got a quick and inexpensive lunch there.

While on way to Zimmerman Trail an old school bus converted into a mini home pulled up in front of us.

Our LH had no trouble climbing the steep grade to Rimrock Road.  We got a better view because of our high clearance in the RV.  Gorgeous view.

We turned left on MT 3 after the climb.  Lots of farmlands along the route.  

Old grain elevator in Comanche, MT on MT 3. Can barely see the snowcapped mountains (Big Snowy Mtns and Little Snowy Mtns)

Old grain elevator
Turned left on US 12 from MT 3 toward Harlowton, MT. Lovely view of the farmlands, rolling roads. Clouds started to turn darker, but they were beautiful to look at

It started to sprinkle a bit. More rain clouds were developing all around. Wind became stronger, kept pushing LH off the lane.  Erwin had to constantly struggle to keep the LH inside the lanes, It was not an easy task!

We decided to stop in Harlowton, MT to spend the night, parked on Central Ave S, the side street near historic downtown area. 

The wind was constantly blowing hard rocking the LH occasionally.  Edith took a hour and half nap first then Erwin took one later. 

For supper we had rotisserie chicken that we picked up at Costco this morning. 

Erwin went out for a walk, said it was really cold and he needed extra layers for warmth.

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