Wednesday, July 27, 2016

April 25 - May 31, 2016

This is going to be a condensed month blog instead of daily blog because we stayed in Three Forks, MT for a while.
Kalista (she is always smiling)

Hunter sporting a fake mustache
During our stay Keri had some projects for Erwin to do around the house and Edith helped her with sewing outfits for the pageant.  

Edith and Keri worked the styrofoam props for pageant: Cheshire Cat for Sasha's Alice in Wonderland routine, McDonald "M" letter for Zella's McDonald routine and the Aladdin Castle for Nikkol's Genie routine.  A lot of glue and glitter were used.  Of course, there were loose glitter inside the Lil' Home because Edith's clothing and shoes were the culprits.

For Mother's Day we took Keri and Dustin out for brunch at Pompey's Grill at Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, MT.  

Dustin & Keri getting their meals from the buffet

Who can resist a wide array of desserts?!?!?

We played The Settlers of Catan game after the brunch
Erwin went with Dustin and his friend, Mick, for elk horn hunting at Wall Creek Wildlife Management Area, south of Ennis, MT.  They did not have any luck finding horns. There was snow coming down on the ground.

Dustin in the truck waiting for the gate to open 
There was already a long line of vehicles waiting to go in

On Sunday the 15th we went to Lee Metcalfe Park near Norris, MT where we spent our leisure time there and the kids had fun playing, wading and fishing.

Zella, Dustin, Nikkol, Erwin, Hunter & Conner
Two beautiful gals
Keri & Kalista

Great supper after our day trip
On the 16th of May we went to Billings, MT for service on our Lil' Home (LH) at Pierce RV.  We had made an appointment for the diagnosis on some problems.  They did not take the LH in for service until Tuesday morning.  On Wednesday Edith decided to go back to Three Forks in the Jeep.  On her way she made several side trips using the back roads. 

Saturday, May 21 Keri had two belated birthday parties for Nikkol (8) and Zella (7).

Thursday, May 26 Edith, along with Keri and her three girls, drove to Las Vegas, NV to spend overnight before heading to West Coast Fabulous Faces pageant in Van Nuys, CA.   In Utah on way back home from Las Vegas, NV Edith was pulled over for speeding 13 mph over the posted speed limit! It was a good thing that the cop only gave Edith a warning ticket. While the gals were away Erwin went with Dustin, Conner and Hunter to Livingston, MT to watch the horses being herded from one town to a summer pasture.

Hunter declared that all horses are HIS!
Almost every night after supper we would play Ticket to Ride game with Keri and Dustin. 

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