Monday, July 11, 2016

April 24, 2016 - Harlowtown, MT to Three Forks, MT

A very grey morning.  It started to drizzle some as we had breakfast.  We were surprised we had a good night’s sleep even thou the Lil’ Home was not parked on a level surface.  It leaned more on the left side where our bed was.  Maybe it was because we were so tired.

We left Harlowton at 9:30 am, got back on Highway 12.  The road narrowed as we went past the town of Haymaker.  No shoulder to pull over in case.  Had to slow down. The clouds started to get darker all around, but more on the west behind us.

The view of the Crazy Mountains (as seen from southwest going on 12 West) was beautiful and breathtaking. Why the name?
The name Crazy Mountains is said to be a shortened form of the name "Crazy Woman Mountains" given them, in compliment to their original Crow name, after a woman who went insane and lived in them after her family was killed in the westward settlement movement. (Source: Wiki)

There were plenty of Pronghorns and sandhill cranes in the field.  The scenery was beyond beautiful. The roads were rolling. The road started to get wider as we entered Meagher County. Now Erwin can relax a bit.

We took a rest break at the historic point on US 12 (about 24 miles east of White Sulphur Springs, MT) - The Carroll Trail  In 1874, the owners of the famed Diamond R Freighting Company tried to steal the lucrative steamboat trade from Fort Benton merchants by building a new port on the Missouri River.  However, when the road got wet it became “greasy, slippery, fathomless mass of clinging mud, through which the straining animals could hardly drag the heavily-weighted wheels”. The Diamond R company failed to make money and abandoned the post in 1876.

Our Lil' Home (LH) climbed over 5,000 feet  There were rain/snow clouds in the distance.

We arrived White Sulphur Springs at 10:55 am  Most of the campgrounds were not open until mid May.

Approaching Townsend (26 miles away) rolling roads with mountain views. It started to sprinkle 16 miles before Townsend.  Road was bumpy for several miles.

We had a lunch/coffee break in Townsend off US 287 South.  While lunching we saw a flock of American White Pelican flying in V formation going north. There were three separate groups.

We arrived Wheat Montana Bakery in Three Forks at 1 pm, left our LH there, drove the Jeep to Keri and Dustin’s house.

It was wonderful seeing our proxy family again.  After discussion Dustin took Erwin to Wheat Montana and Erwin drove the LH to the house.  He was good at backing up the LH to the desired spot.  Of course, the ground was not level and we had to add wood blocks under the front tires after leveling.

Keri prepared Mexican style dinner for supper.  Then we then played two games: The Settlers of Catan and 1910 Ticket to Ride.  

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