Thursday, June 16, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Lakewood, Lone Tree & Denver, CO

It stopped snowing, so it was a good day for us to go out.  Edith's laptop was giving her some problems with downloading, and looked up to see where the nearest Apple Store was.  There were more than few. The closest one to the campground did not have any appointments left today, so Edith checked for the one at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, CO and got an appointment for this afternoon.

We contacted Elaine and Rodney, good friends of ours, to see if we could get together for supper. We told Elaine to pick out a restaurant of her choice. She suggested Pho Duy at 945 South Federal Blvd in Denver.  We had never tried dining at a Vietnamese restaurant, so we were up for it.  We agreed to meet at 5:30 pm.

After getting stuff together we headed out of the campground, but made a quick stop to check on the Mama owl and her babies.  The Mama was not around and one of her owlets peered from inside the hollow tree.

After making a right turn from the campground there was a herd of deer looking for foods under the snow blanket. 

The sight of the snow covered mountains was beautiful.  The roads were very clear.

Erwin's great niece, Carmel, spoke a lot about King Soopers grocery store, so we decided to stop by to check it out.  It was a very nice store, and its doors are never closed!  The produce department was huge!  The selection at the salad bar and the Asian bar was plentiful!  We were already hungry around noontime, so we grabbed a sandwich to share.

Produce Department
Cheese Department

Asian buffet
The Apple Store was inside the Park Meadows Mall. It was not an easy find and we had to ask how we can find the Apple store.  

The entrance to inside the mall

Erwin was thrilled to find this store
because he had been looking for Godiva chocolate
flavored coffee beans and he bought a bag
Chocolate Truffles!
Very expensive, so we did not buy any :-(
Edith said she could easily eat all of the chocolate covered strawberries
Inside the mall
Bighorn sheep sculpture hanging from the ceiling
There were several sculptures of animals inside the mall
We went inside the Apple Store and Jeff, the troubleshooter, was able to fix the downloading problem.  All was good after that, and Edith walked out of the store with a smile on her face.

After browsing all stores in the mall we left to go for a ride elsewhere. Edith wanted to visit Fairmount Cemetery at 430 S Quebec St, Denver, CO.  She read about it somewhere and found that there are burials dating back to the late 1800's. 

The Little Ivy Chapel
Fairmount’s Little Ivy Chapel was one of the first two 
structures built at the cemetery in 1890 

A fine last name for any wine drinker?

It was getting close to 5:30 pm, so we hurriedly drove to meet Elaine and Rodney at Pho Duy.  It was good to see them again.  Since it was our first experience dining there Elaine and Rodney explained to us what the menu was like and made suggestions on what to order.  Elaine and Rodney ordered a medium sized bowl of chicken noodle soup. Erwin decided to go with an entree instead of ordering a medium sized bowl of soup.  Edith decided to try chicken noodle soup (medium-sized).  The price was very reasonable.  The waitress was very friendly and the foods were served quickly after we placed our orders.

The place was almost packed and the patrons were of different races.  It was an interesting atmosphere.  

We could not finish our meals, so we had them boxed to go.

Erwin's dinner
Chicken Noodle Soup
Erwin, Edith, Rodney & Elaine at Pho Duy
We thanked Rodney and Elaine for our interesting dining experience at Pho Duy.  We hope to meet them again when we swing by Denver area another time.

Heading back to the campground we stopped to check on the owlets again. The Mama owl was finally seen, was not too far from the nest.  The snow on the right side of the tree had melted.

The Mama keeping an eye on her babies
Sunset on our way back to the campsite

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