Thursday, June 11, 2015

May 31, 2015 - Boise & Eagle, ID

We were late risers this morning. It was 8 am and we were supposed to be at Elaine's at 8 for breakfast.  We texted her to let her know we were running late and she replied that she was running late as well.

The weather looked gorgeous this morning. It was in low 70's. It is going to be a nice day!

Before we left for Elaine's we contacted Keri's parents, Rinda and Richard to see if we could perhaps get together for a visit this afternoon.  At first, Erwin said no one is answering, but was going to leave a message. While the message was being recorded on the other end Richard realized that the call was not from telemarketing and promptly answered the call.  Richard said that he and Rinda could meet us after the church service.

We left the campground at 9 am and went straight to Elaine's apartment.  Elaine had banana pancakes, sausage links, a bowl of mixed fruit and sliced oranges.  While Elaine was preparing the meal Edith helped her fold greeting/notecards that she drew.

It was time for us to go back to the campground, so we could welcome Richard and Rinda.  Elaine said she will come by when she is done putting away the stuff. 

It was after 1:30 pm when we recognized a white car driven by Richard.  It was good to see him and Rinda again.  They came bearing gifts: a jar of mixed nuts that we could snack on during our travels and Lavender oil to help calm us.  We proudly showed them our Lil' Home (LH).  Shortly thereafter Elaine showed up and met with Richard and Rinda. We all sat down and chatted our heads away.  It was a very lovely afternoon.  

Richard, Rinda, Edith & Erwin
Edith, Elaine & Erwin
After the company left we planned on riding our bikes on the greenbelt that is right next to the campground. Elaine insisted that we do it before we check out tomorrow.  She wanted me to take pictures of us on the bikes. Well, after we got the bikes off the rack Erwin noticed that the chain on my bike was very rusty and was off the gear. He tried to get the chain back on, ran the pedal by hand and the chain kept slipping off.  Oh well...

Guess we have to walk instead, which we did.  It was a very lovely walk.  We made it across the first bridge and we turned to go back after approaching the second bridge.  Walking workout is good for one's body and mind, gives lots of benefits such as the heart, the legs. We try to do that whenever we camp out.

After walking we started putting stuff away inside the LH to get it ready before we check out the next morning. We were satisfied that our day went well. 

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