Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 1, 2015 - Boise, ID to Sunnyside, WA

A very gloomy morning... Overcast and in 68 degrees.

Even though we cleaned up and put stuff away last night there were still few things to take care of before our Lil' Home (LH) is ready for the next trip.  We could have left 30 minutes earlier, but Erwin spilled about 3/4 of his 20 oz coffee cup onto the floor and had to clean it up. How did that happen? Well, he was trying to reach over the cup to get sugar, knocked it over and it spilled on the countertop then to the floor. Of course, he had to get down on his knees to wipe away the spill.  He had to use a flashlight to help him see where the spill was!

Cleaning up the coffee spill on the floor

We realized that we needed more practice on setting up the tow bar faster and to get the Jeep ready for towing.  It took us a bit longer than we wanted.

We finally left the campground at 9:20 am. We chose to get back on the interstate instead of going on back roads, so we turned right on Glenwood then left on State St, got on I-84 West at 10 am.

Thirty minutes after leaving Boise, ID we reached Oregon state line! We pulled over to a rest area in Ontario, OR because Erwin did not have his full cup of coffee this morning, so he made another fresh pot of coffee.  While he was doing that Edith fixed herself a light breakfast.

The drive on I-84 between Boise, ID and the rest area presented a very beautiful and breathtaking view of the Snake River, mountains and hills.

Snake River
The hills over there are in Idaho while we were driving in Oregon

At 11:10 am (MST) we entered Pacific Time zone which is now at 10:10 am.

We arrived Baker City, OR at 11 am, exited at 306 from I-84 to get on 30 West (byway). Then we made a right turn to Campbell to look for gas fill-up.  Maverick was selling $3.07g for diesel. It is little on the higher side than we were used to paying for in previous trips.

From the gas station we got back to 30 W, tried to find a suitable parking spot, so we can use the Jeep to explore the town, but it was difficult to get around, so we continued on. In Baker City, OR we chose to drive on Oregon Scenic Byway.

We decided to stop in Haines, OR for lunch break and short sightseeing.  We took a walk at Dick Camp Memorial Park Oregon Trail. It is a park monument that occupies few blocks of old buildings that were built in 1800's and is located on Highway 30. 

Water Tower in Haines, OR

After lunch break we went back to I-84 from 30. Thanks to our dear friend Wayne Sinclair for advising us to check out Deadman Pass scenic viewpoint.  We exited at 234, parked at Deadman Pass rest area, unloaded the Jeep. We drove about 2-3 miles to the viewpoint.  What a gorgeous view of the valley!  Now we understand why Wayne insisted that we do not miss this place.  We wished there was a place where we could park our LH for the night and enjoy the view of this, but the roads were narrow and rough.

We returned to the rest area, hooked up the Jeep and left to get back to I-84.

In Umatilla, OR we stopped by Eastern Oregon Heating and Air Conditioning store to get a picture of the Metal Men (tinmen) that are on the roof of the building. There are two big workers, but Edith was able to get just one picture of it because the other one was being obstructed by wires and other stuff. They stand about 7' tall. Check www.roadsideamerica.com for more information

After crossing the bridge into Washington State Erwin missed the turn to get on I-82, so we continued on South Plymouth Road that parralled along I-82 for 22 miles. Good road though. Lots of large farmlands.  We would not mind going on that route again.  Not much traffic and lots of beautiful farmlands.
Approaching the bridge to Washington State line

It was very dusty everywhere! We could see several dust storms spewing here and there and the winds were very strong that Erwin's knuckles turned white trying to keep the LH on the lane! The winds were quite strong and Erwin said it would have been worse driving the camper van as it was lighter!  Edith was busy clicking and clicking the scenes with her camera.

South Plymouth Road - a very scenic drive for 22 miles
See all the dust blowing in the wind
See all the clouds that are laden with dust!

We then made a left turn onto W. Sellars Road to get on 221 for Prosser, WA. The road condition along the way was great with less wind resistance, much to our relief.

We finally got on I-82 in Prosser, WA ,then continued on the interstate until we arrived Sunnyside, WA . 

After scouting the area to decide where we can spend the night we chose Walmart (not Super Walmart) that is not open 24 hours, but the parking lot was large enough for big rigs like our LH. We went in the store to get permission to park overnight and to pick up few items before it closes for the night.  Since we parked very close to the railroad tracks we saw few trains going by and there were few cars with graffiti on them, LUCKILY no trains passed during the night, or we would have been scared awake!

It was a peaceful night and we played some games before retiring for the night.

We thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of this route! 5 thumbs up!!

Miles driven:
LH - 308
Jeep - 7 

Today's route:
A: Boise, ID
B: Ontario, OR
C: Haines, OR
D: Deadman Pass, OR
E: Umatilla, OR
F: Sunnyside, WA

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