Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 3, 2015 - Anacortes, WA & Whidbey Island, WA

The weather started to look better for our outing.  Temperature felt just right.  While eating breakfast we texted Sheila to find out what her plan was for the day.  No reply from her.. We decided we were going to Cathy’s place and see what her plan was.  

Cathy told us that she texted Sheila, too and had not heard back from her.  We began to wonder if she was incapacitated because of her foot that she sprained at the musical concert last night.  Cathy called her mom, Elaine to find out if she had talked to Sheila.  She informed us that Sheila had to go to the emergency to have her foot/ankle checked.  After the conversation Cathy finally got ahold of Sheila and after discussing Cathy decided to go over to Sheila’ apartment to help her out.

While Cathy was on her way out we went to Whidbey Island to explore.  We had been to Deception Pass, but have never driven over the bridge.  

There is really not much exciting to see/do in Oak Harbor; however, we did make few stops here and there to look around.

For lunch, after scouting restaurants within few blocks, we decided to dine at a Mexican restaurant and had shredded beef quesadilla (split order). It was very good and satisfying.

After lunch we strolled down the streets, checked out some stores.  It was time to leave the island and go back to Cathy’s place for supper.

We shopped at Safeway in Anacortes, picked up garlic bread that Cathy needed for supper.  Cathy had spaghetti ready, but she had to take her son Tim to driving class/test.  

We watched Cathy's 13 year old son Niko climbing up the tall tree. Boy, he was NOT afraid at all.  He has a makeshift treehouse.


Erwin, Sheila & Bobby
Sheila came over for supper. She was sporting a foot brace, said it was not comfortable.  

Erwin and Cathy’s husband Bobby were talking about our motorhome and Erwin mentioned that he could not unscrew the faulty hot water valve that was leaking. He did not have the right tools to do the job and Bobby said he had a tool that might work.  

When Cathy got back from dropping Tim off we stayed a bit to chat, then had to leave to go back to the campground. Bobby rode with Sheila to the shop where he can pick up the tool, met us at the campground.  Bobby was able to loosen the valve and helped replace it with the new part.  When it was all done they ran test to be sure the hot water was working and it was. What a big relief!  

After Bobby and Sheila left Erwin did the laundry while Edith was transferring pictures from the memory card to the external hard drive.

Not much excitement today, but it was nice spending quality time with Erwin’s family members. 

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