Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 29, 2015 - Shelley, ID to Twin Falls, ID

The sun was already up when we rose at 6 am. Good shower at the facility (only one stall) 

We had a very light breakfast because it was so early in the morning. Before checking out of the campground we used the dump station and took the opportunity to refill our fresh water tank since there is no fee to use it.  

We checked out of the campground at 7:30 am.  We made a right turn onto W Fir Street, then left onto 91 N to visit Idaho Falls temple and the falls nearby.

The visitor center was not open til 9 am and we were there around 8, so we took a stroll along the side of the falls, crossed overpass to get a better view. 

Erwin sticking his finger where it doesn't belong!

We then walked back to Idaho Falls Temple grounds and the visitor center was open. We were politely greeted by Elder Crockett, who asked us questions as to where we were from and so on.  The center was small, so it did not take long to tour around.

We wanted to visit the Craters of the Moon, so we took 20 West to Arco, ID.  There were no clouds in sight.  Just blue sky all around.

Lovely red barn was spotted just off 20 west of Idaho Falls, ID.

Several hawks, juvenile bald eagle and bald eagle were seen while we were driving on 20 West.

Edith decided at the last minute to tell Erwin to turn left on 26 to visit Atomic City, ID (former nuclear boom town with few Cold War photo ops). 

On way to Atomic City, ID
There is one store and one bar in that very lonely town; the store no longer sells gasoline, due to new laws pertaining to its underground gas tanks. Most of the people who were raised in the town have now passed on, and many of the current residents are retired. There is an RV park on the south end of town with full hook-ups, and stock car races are held in the summer. (source: Wiki) There was not much for photo ops, not much to see.  About 25 residents live in this town!  

After leaving Atomic City there was a sign advertising Atomic Museum, but we decided not tto go there.  We will save it for the next time we come by the area. (Will we?)(NO!)

We continued on 20/26 W.  The clouds began to form over the mountain peaks. 

Now on Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway after making a left turn to 20/26/93 in Arco, ID
Pulled over to Scenic Outlook parking area to view and to eat lunch.

Craters of the Moon Viewpoint 

To make it easier to navigate at the Craters of the Moon 7 mile auto loop we used the Jeep. First stop was at Devils Orchard Nature Trail and we hiked for 1/2 mile.

We also hiked on Spatter Cones and Snow Cone trailheads (284' each one way)

We left Craters of the Moon site at 2:30 pm, turned left to get back on 20/26 W toward Twin Falls, ID.  

We went to see Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls, ID.  It is a waterfall on the Snake River about 5 miles east of Twin Falls, ID. This is the river and site (1 1/2 mile to the west) where in 1974 Evel Kneivel, an American daredevil, tried to jump across the river and failed!

From there we went to Twin Falls, ID and decided to eat out for dinner at Sizzler's.

Afterwards we went to Rudy's Cook Paradise, the oldest retail store in the Twin Falls area. Rudy's is a unique store that features everything from cooking supplies, to cooking classes and wine tastings. Edith was like a kid in a candy store, tongue hanging out at the sight of this and that. She wanted to buy so many, but cannot. She finally found what she had been looking for - a loaf pan that is made of silicone.  She will want to go back there whenever she is in the town!  What was Erwin doing while Edith was shopping....? Just hold the stuff Edith wanted to buy and rolling his eyes behind her back!

Edith left the store with a big smile on her face

We stopped at Twin Falls Visitor Center to check out Perrine Bridge. It is a truss arch four-lane bridge carrying U.S. Hwy 93 over the Snake River Canyon.  It is about 1,500' long and 486' above the river. It is a popular BASE jumping site that is known all over the world.  There were about 15 base jumpers getting ready to jump off the bridge when we were there.  It was awesome watching them.   There were several boaters and kayaks waiting down below to watch the action.

Checking to be sure the gear is safe
Base Jumpers getting ready for the action 
Base Jumpers walking up to the bridge 

We decided that we were going to camp out on the parking lot at Twin Falls Visitor Center, since the lot is very big and can accommodate big rigs like ours.  Edith walked on the trail to get pictures of the sunset over the Snake River.

Statue of Perrine, the main founder of Twin Falls, ID looking to the West
Sunset over the Snake River

Miles driven:
Lil Home - 312 miles
Jeep - 76 miles

Today's route
A: Shelley, ID
B: Idaho Falls, ID
C: Atomic City, ID
D: Arco, ID
E: Craters of the Moon
F: Shoshone Falls, ID
G: Twin Falls, ID


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